Zombie Uprising Equipment Guide

We’re going to be putting out a series of zombie hunting equipment reviews. Ok, disclaimer, we realize there is no such thing but it’s a lot of fun to assume there are. We don’t advise you attempt to use any of the equipment in these reviews on real humans and Crusader Weaponry is not responsible for you doing anything stupid with what you read here. Just be safe and have fun with it.

Now that we have that out of the way we can go ahead with the fun stuff without further disclaimers. So don’t expect any.

First and foremost I want to remind you that there are no definitive guides to the Zombie Apocalypse. The absolute closest thing we have is Uprising USA by George Hill.  Nowhere will you find a more complete group of information on the spread of the breakout, how it effects individuals, and how to deal with the “Uprising”. If you don’t have Uprising USA this is your call to get it. If you intend to survive the Zombie Apocalypse you need this book. No it’s not a guide book. It’s how one man not only survived the Uprising but thrived in it. The leadership expressed is second to none. All characters are based on real people and the humanity of each calls through each one of them. You will feel like you are part of the dialog and a member of the team. Never has there been a more epic zombie book written. So, follow the link or run out to your nearest book store and pick up a copy of Uprising USA today.

Coming soon…Uprising UK by George Hill. Don’t miss it.

5 thoughts on “Zombie Uprising Equipment Guide

  1. This is an excellent idea because the “Zombie Survival Guide” will in NO way WIN the apocalypse. Surviving is not enough.

  2. Exactly, if something catastrophic were to happen… you would need to look at it as a battle to win.
    Going into it just to survive it setting yourself up to fail, at a later date than those who were not prepared.
    There is a phrase I love.
    “The hardest part of the Zombie Apocalypse is pretending I’m not excited.” -Larry Correia
    There is a small set of people who look at something like this as a potentially positive thing.
    Culling the week from the herd, the strong will survive.
    The country, hell… the world, cant survive in its current state if it follows the path it is on now.
    If collapse comes here like it has in other areas, it could be a chance to rebuild… get back to basics… to our roots.
    THAT, I couldnt see as a bad thing.
    I do believe that a decent number of us would be OK, and that those people could shape the future.
    Getting to that point and past it is the goal.
    Joe, if it gets bad… you Utah guys save me a bed. 😉


  3. Best bet is to buy it, read it and then buy and read the rest of the Uprising follow up editions!
    Now on with the show!



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