Zombie Ammo

Hornady is making a great new line of ammo just for the zombie hunter. The Z-Max line is one that’s here to stay and should fill every magazine in your kit. In our tests we have found the dramatic expansion to be just the ticket for taking down the stray zed or the hoard coming your way. During our testing we confirmed that whether you are shooting 9mm, .40, .45, .223, 7.62×39, .308, or 12 ga you will get consistent cranial or torso trauma. If we were to indorse one ammo for all your zombie disposal needs it is absolutely Hornady Z-Max.

Hornady official video

Get your stockpile at MidwayUSA or other fine online retailers or gunshops near you.

4 thoughts on “Zombie Ammo

  1. From what I have found, the handgun ammo is Critical Defense with the green insert, and the rifle ammo is A Max… with the 7.62×39 being SST.
    Good quality ammo all the way around.
    My 9mm and 10mm are loaded with the Hornady CD already, so I wont mind a bit to grab a few boxes when I find it.


  2. I did notice that. The dude whips out a fancy shmancy 1911 but leaves his primary in a duffel bag. That really is a flaw in their movie. They should have had us do it for them.

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