Every Zombie Kit Needs a Knife

Now we all know how important it is for every zombie hunter to have a knife worthy of the job. Well I have one for you. It’s the Cold Steel Kukri Machete. During testing this knife easily took off limbs. No linger will you have to worry about being grabbed by a stray Zed when your ammo runs dry. Simply whip out your Kukri Machete and remove the offending appendages.

I know that lopping off an arm isn’t going to put a zombie down. That’s a no brainer. So, naturally we tested it on head shots. The forward swept blade really helped drive deep into the skull. On even the thickest head we found at least and inch deep gash and all hits resulted in us adding another notch to the hilt.

Now I don’t want to say that this is the only knife suitable for your zombie hunting needs. There are many out there and we’ll do our best to test out each one so you don’t buy the wrong knife for your needs. We’d hate for a knife to fail you and we end up having you as our next test subject.

Remember, always be safe and thank you for helping quell the Zombie Uprising.


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