Shooting Day

So we had the rare occasion today to have the entire Crusader team together during the winter. Ogre came out from Vernal to get some business done. We caught up with shop news and moved on to the range. That’s right it was time to bring out the Broadsword and have some fun. George’s opinions will be out on the latest episode of “The Armed Nation” and I’ll let him tell his own story. I popped off a few rounds but for the most part I had fun watching the other guys marvel at the wonder that is the Crusader Broadsword. The look on their faces said it all. It was pure, unadulterated, drooling on the floor, heavy breathing on the phone gun lust. That’s what a Crusader rifle does to you. You realize that you’ve been shooting a second rate rifle until the moment you picked up one by Crusader. You feel the action. The usual gritty feel of Anodizing against parkerizing as the action works… is missing. The “sproing” noise of the action…is missing. We’re talking about a .308…7.62×51…typically it has it’s share of muzzle flip…once again it’s missing. Never has a rifle been offered to law enforcement, contractors, military, or the general public like our rifles…NEVER.

Let me tell you about the actual shooting. George is a wicked scary shot. So I had him see what the rifle could do with the SpecterDR sight by Elcan on it. The sight is AWESOME. First two shots at 25yds (yeah, I know it’s not the usual test distance but it’s all we had) were through the same hole. Do you need to read that again? The same hole.

Crusader Broadsword. You need one.


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