The Freeman

True freedom has been a rarity in human history. Slavery and serfdom seems to have been the norm. What ancient civilization do you think of in conjunction with the word “freedom”. Rome…nope. Japan…not really. Among free men there has always been one key symbol. Weapons.

With cavemen it was the club. The Celtic tribesman the sword. The mid-evil Yeoman…the longbow. The American…the gun.  It made them free because no other man or beast could enslave or harm him without a fight. With a weapon mankind could hold on to and protect the rights God gives every human that has ever walked the planet. With a weapon a man’s life is given meaning because he has the means to defend it, property has value because not just anyone can take it away, and liberty binds a country because every man, woman, and able child can have the national pride to be “behind every blade of grass” in a time of need.

There was a time when every free man not only had the right, but the duty to bear a sword. The Germanic tribes had a ceremony to free a slave. Only one thing was a necessity. A slave could only be freed if given the weapon of a Freeman. Bonds aren’t broken with pretty words but with sufficient force. This ensured him a fighting chance if anyone else wanted to enslave him.

That brings us to today. What makes a Freemen in today’s society? Well, to tell you the truth, men and women of today aren’t so different from our primal ancestors. Sure we have a Constitution and a bill of rights but is that what makes us free? Laws and documents give us structure and bind a geographical location into a nation of citizens. But is that what makes a man free. I say it’s the ability to defend those binding documents.

Having the proper tools to defend a persons life, those of his family, and the lives of perfect strangers is the insurance policy our founding fathers took out on our founding documents. Only free men and women can defend liberty. Only Freemen and women can choose what is worthy of defense.

Take pride in the fact that most of you are not merely men and women but Freemen.

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