SHTF City Defense

Defense situations in the city, when it all hits the proverbial fan, is a difficult subject. I don’t want to say that those of us in the city are screwed…but it’s not that big of a stretch. I would love to only be dealing with other small town people but city dwellers are a completely different breed. Having lived in both areas I can tell you that the differences are stark and in your face between city and rural people. Let’s start out by covering a few and how to deal with them.

Unless the people you’re around in your city believe in having some type of food storage “just in case” you have a group of people with few self sufficiency skills. They are use to having a fully stocked grocery store every mile or so. When they’re running low on milk they have more than one choice of places to stop on their way home from work. If the supply ran out most would have no idea how to get more. Sure they would go to neighbors and family. Maybe even their church for help. Now what if supply chains are severed and there is no way to refill the grocery stores? Everyone is running low and not willing to share what little they have left. There has been a rush on every grocery store and there’s nothing but empty shelves.  What are you going to do when your children are crying themselves to sleep because of hunger pains at night? It’s a recipe for violence. Don’t discount that. It’s human nature. When our children are suffering it’s in our genes to do whatever it takes to quell the cause of their pain. This is one of those “be advised” moments.

Being in a city now…I know…I know…not ideal for me personally but it gives me insight. People in cities rarely know their own neighbors. Coworkers, and a few people at church or other such activity and that’s about it. I have to admit I’m guilty on all counts when it comes to not knowing my neighbors. Here’s the problem with that. In a city there are just too many people to keep track of. We tend to stick to our small groups and “to hell with the rest”. This can be both a fatal flaw and a blessing. Smaller groups operate easier in urban environments yet can be easily overwhelmed by superior numbers if they aren’t careful and trained to deal with such situations. We’re talking about civilians trying to survive, not a Navy Seal unit.

Another huge disadvantage about cities is something we have all heard about but don’t really know the depths of. Gangs in inner cities are a problem for Law Enforcement and civilians alike the way it is. What do you think would happen if the normal structure of society crumbled? They already have a hierarchical type leadership structure. They have arms and the black market contacts to get better ones not to mention the numbers to overwhelm local gun shops and steal all the guns and ammo they need. What would the inner city look like with the gangs in complete and utter control? Not the control they enjoy now, through fear and intimidation, but complete ownership of territories of the city and all their resources. Territories in constant flux and in constant battle between each other over those resources. In this situation what do you think will be the fate of any woman or teen age girl found? What will their existence be like? I personally fear a world for them filled with rape, violence, and degradation.

Does it sound like some low budget, post apocalyptic movie? Someone had to dream up what the worst case scenario would be for those movies. The big difference here is that it would be your every day waking nightmare.

Now that I’ve scared the crap out of you lets talk solutions.

The key to survival in cities is preparation and prayer that it will never have to be used. Store what food, water, and supplies you can now while it isn’t needed. Wait till it’s needed and it will be too late.

There are several companies out there doing food storage that lasts worry free for 25 years. How perfect is that? If you can’t afford to do their big chunks at a time hit the “case lot sale” at a grocery store and build up little by little. The expiration dates will have to be paid attention to and expired items replaced. It’s a pain but better to not have a closet full of spoiled canned food when you need it.

Medical supplies will be a valuable commodity in the event of a social melt down. Why, because we’ll all be placing ourselves in increasing danger to survive and without new supplies of medicine, bandages, higher (hospital level) medical supplies will run out fast. Don’t let your vaccinations expire. What will happen if you stem on a rusty, sharp, pointy anything and there is no chance of a tetanus shot?

We’ll go into weapon types at a later date but suffice it to say, have them. Have them and train with them so you have confidence with your equipment and in your skills. This is not just for basic protection and brings us back to the gangs. Their numbers in the military are increasing. They do this to gain military training to bring back to the gang. So be aware of this. It may not be a part of every city but realize that there may be some that did their 4 years, got out, and came home to the gang to increase their lethality.

One key point has to be made here. Daily concealed carry is a must. Sure its always a good idea because we never know what will happen to us or what threat we might face but also because SHTF situations are likely to hit when we least expect. The means to fight back to our families may be needed. carrying will be a part of normal life after a melt down so you might as well get use to it now.

Safety in numbers isn’t just a flowery saying. Survival in a city will depend on being part of a group. You will see some side with the gangs because of that. For the rest of us a group will have to be found or founded.

Luckily for church goers you are already part of a group with similar values, you’ve probably done activities together, and have at least weak but buildable bonds. These bonds should be cultivated now so the bond of “brothers in arms” is more easily formed when the time comes.

Better yet, feel out the men at church for a group interested in a martial arts training group. It doesn’t have to be anything formal. You don’t need to wear Gi’s and have a make believe belt system. Just make it a skill builder activity. Someone has to have some experience, naturally, but have fun with it and build those initial “brother warrior” bonds. There is your initial Defense group. Find out if there are any cops in your congregation. They should be interested in this type of group because it gives them trusted people to count on in an emergency. Someone who, in a big crisis they are called away for, can be trusted to see that their family is safe until their return or the possiblillty of no return. They will also have a lot of real world insight to add to your group.

Another aspect churches bring to a SHTF scenerio is the building itself. They are usually large enough to house dislocated families, at least temporary, and they give you a defensible position. The parking lots or lawns surrounding them gives you a “killing field” (enemy enters that area and they should be in someones sights), some have even a small kitchen area to prepare for potlucks (now can be used to feed yourselves), and with your paster, preacher, or bishop you have a support structure ready to help those in need so you can concentrate on defense and securing the essentials.

The one thing you don’t want to do is to go it alone. You will fail unless your plan is to get out of the city. For this plan…plan for it to be a battle. You are all but guaranteed to hit road blocks by law enforcement trying to keep everyone from fleeing in a panic. They’re just trying to do their job but they wont care that you know how to survive in the wild and will probably be more safe because you know what you’re doing. They’re just following orders. So, find a way around them. They aren’t the enemy and should never be harmed but if you’re like me, a country boy stuck in the city, your plan to bug out can’t be allowed to fail. Know the back roads out of town and don’t be afraid to get your 4×4 dirty in the process. At this point roads are for chumps.

Another good choice is a warehouse. They’re typically big enough to house all the families in your group and still pick up stragglers along the way. The buildings, themselves, are sturdy and will likely have valuable materials and tools in them depending on the type of business it use to house.

There may come a time, current sanctuary be dammed, that your group has to leave town. Do so as a caravan and do so armed to the teeth. A good position to take up would be far enough out to be easily defensible but close enough to send out raiding parties for supplies, equipment, and and any food left in the city.

Now I realize that I didn’t go into too much detail. I could just about make an entire post out of each of the above paragraphs. Where do we go from there? Well, that’s a topic for another day.

One thought on “SHTF City Defense

  1. Hello, I am Ken Sparks. I stumbled on this site awhile back when getting better prepared, specfically a BOB. However, while re-evaluating my circumstances I found it better to stay put. The reasons are as varied as those that prepare. But one of my concerns was now focusing on how to prepare my BIL (Bug In Location), the defense was/is not the difficult part, but haveing the proper amount and type of supplies. I stumbled on a company called Shelf Reliance and THRIVE foods. Very impressive, especially for those starting out and needing the tools to properly prepare. I liked the product so much that it is now incorporated into our everyday life (Store what you eat/Eat what you store), We have even joined the business venture. If you have questions Please contact us, just type in the following URL (no WWW) and email us.
    For those asking, I did contact the owner of this site before putting this up. Good luck and never stop preparing.

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