New Shotgun Project

I picked up a couple shotguns at the gunshow yesterday. They’re a special project. You see, we’ve been working on adding shotguns to our line up for a while now. Well, I have these two to be our slinky models. I’m going to dress them up, turn them from the hunting 870’s you had in the back of the closet the last few years to be bad ass battle weapons. After a short discussion with George Hill, our Sr. Trainer, about matching parts to our training program we have a shotgun that will match our training style. We’ve been preaching about the versatility of the shotgun for a while now. These are not just a combat pistol range weapon that throws buckshot. Don’t get me wrong. The right buckshot in a 12ga  is a devastating package but a shotgun can be so much more. We’ve decided to go with rifle sighted barrels (imp cyl) on our shotties to better facilitate the combination of long and shot range shooting.

Besides, I was the safety officer for a group of scouts last month. We did some skeet shooting while at the range. Out of all the shotguns there, when it was my turn, I picked the 20″ rifle sighted barrel shotty. I nailed 6 out of 6 on an extremely windy day and (enter puffed chest and swelled head) spanked a Navy Special Warfare officer with a 26″ barreled shotgun. Ok, not exactly the combat shooting both of us were use to but come on…it’s a 6″ disk that you’re throwing tiny bird shot at, at short distances at the local range. Not rocket science or a huge challenge for a combat shooter with proper stance. I actually blame it all on the rifle sights. It was ridiculously easy to draw a bead on clay pigeons. In talking with George he related nailing the 400yd gong with slugs and rifle sights. You get the best of both worlds and let’s face it, (moral of the above story) the easier you make it on yourself the better you’ll preform.

I like the idea of keeping the same grip feel from rifle to shotgun so we have the Speedfeed pistol grip buttstocks on the way. There’s nothing wrong with a synthetic traditional stock but I see value in keeping a certain amount of  familiarity in your long guns.

Naturally, with anything that we do, the real magic happens on the inside of the weapon. Complete action and trigger jobs will be done on these two as well as a basic Slipstream. Everything done to these will be standard kit on our permanent models. I’ll be keeping an ongoing log here as I go with these. More pictures and everything so stay tuned.


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