Apex Machining

We have used the Apex handguards for the last couple of years. The quality of their workmanship is second to none. Before I go any further this post is NOT to speak ill of them in any way. That being said, they changed their dealer program last month. With the new policies in place we were left out of the dealer program without any hope of being grandfathered in. Company policies change. They have here at Crusader and I blame no one for making changes.  I did, however, make my disappointment known and that we would have to drop them as a supplier for our rifles.

I sent a couple messages to a contact I have at Apex. He sympathized with me but had no influence over policy. No worries. I simply asked him to pass along our conversation. With a lot of companies that would have been the end of things. Not Apex. They are evidently run by honorable people. It was only a couple days before I got a call from someone informing me that they actually discussed my comments and CHANGED THEIR ENTIRE DEALER PROGRAM. It didn’t end there. They also ASKED me to return as a dealer of their handguards.

Absolutely amazing. It takes a company with a backbone to make changes like that. They could have told me to get bent but they sought out a solution so they wouldn’t loose a dealer. Naturally we told them that we never really left.

So basically, Apex Machining. Stand up company. You will continue to see their handguards as standard kit on the Templar, Paladin, Broadsword, and Longbow rifles not just because they are of excellent quality but because they are a company with honor and have earned our respect.

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