All New

New look. New feel. New site. I’m very proud that the Gundoctor blog I started a few years ago has developed a bit of a following. If the content wasn’t what you were looking for none of you would be reading this so I’m very happy that what I have put forth is worthy of your time and I thank you for reading. From now on this is going to be strictly from Gundoc, no business, just my opinions and technical reviews on what I see as relevant topics. Let’s just hope most of them meet the “Gundoctor’s Seal of Approval”.

Don’t worry there will still be business announcements. They just won’t be here. The front page of will be updated more frequently with everything going on at Crusader. So there will be no slack in the flow of information this just gives me a place to be myself and not Mr. business 24/7. Hopefully we’ll have fun with this and get some good topics flowing here at the new Gundoc Doctrine.

4 thoughts on “All New

    1. It’s going to be nice not to have to watch my P’s and Q’s all the time. Now if I think something sucks…I may just tell you how much it sucks in no uncertain terms, and if it rocks, it will rock to a high degree.

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