Taurus 1911’s

Taurus has come a long way in the last decade. You and I both know that there was a time when you’d use a Taurus for a paperweight before you’d actually carry one. Now they’re actually turning out some half way decent stuff. Their 1911’s happen to be one of them.

Their 1911’s are actually made of good materials. For the small amount you’re paying for them don’t expect a miracle though. When I call them “decent” I mean it. They are a great plinking or even low cost carry gun. They are fairly reliable but there are a few things that can be done to improve that. For instance, if you intend carry one of these, I would have a gunsmith polish the feeding surfaces on the frame and barrel before day one of carry. About 40% of your feeding issues will be solved by doing this.

One issue you’ll find is that the triggers feel kind of gritty. I recently had three of them brought in by the same customer for this very problem. Here’s what you’re up against. Taurus does a good job of the machining but leaves all the marks in there. For this issue I’ve only seen one company do things worse. So you’re fighting a rough surface from the begining. There really isn’t a way to improve the interior surface of the frame. All the machining is done before heat treating it so you litterally can’t scratch it with a file, much less anything else. So, we have to look elsewhere. The biggest way to improve the trigger is to have a gunsmith polish the trigger parts themselves. Now that you have a good smooth finish on these parts they will work more smoothly inside our rough frame.

Now, those rough surfaces are all over the inside of the pistol. There’s other than a litte polishing and proper lubrication there’s nothing you can do about it. For what this pistol is, its all you need. This isn’t your smooth as butter Les Baer, Wilson Combat, or even a Springfield TRP. This is a Taurus. It’s a decent and comparitively inexpensive way to get into a 1911. It’s not the top of the line but it isn’t the bottom either. At the end of the day I can give the Taurus the coveted “Gundoctor Seal of Approval” as the tough, entery level 1911.


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