Now that I have this personal place I want to put out my real thoughts about the coming election.

We have not two but three clear sides in this race. Let’s take it one side at a time.

Republicans…Let’s face it, I know as well as anyone else that the Republican party has their own agenda. They seek , like any political party, to justify their position of authority. They just happen ot be the only party with the answers to our emmediate problems. Above anything else we have to have jobs. obama (I refuse to capitolize that man’s name) has done nothing but hurt the efforts of job creators. I’ve said for the last five years (yes five) that we don’t need the government’s help. What we need is for them to quit regulating us to death. Just get the hell out of the way and you will have your recovery. Like Pres. Reagan said, “government isn’t the solution…government is the problem”. The only way we are going to get this econemy back on track is to have a businessman in the oval office. Luckily we just happen to have one in the race.

Is Romney the best man for the job at this time? Only time will tell. He has the potential to do great things. I think he can get America back to work and that’s what we need right now. Then, if he sucks at everything else we can vote him out in four years and get someone better. I have a feeling that he will do just fine though.

Third Party

This is the one that troubles me the most. I fully agree that going with only a two party system is dangerous, as George Washington warned us in his farewell address.  We need all the opinions we can get. There is one thing that bothers me though. When it comes time to vote they steal votes from one side or the other. As we’ve seen in the past this can lead to things like President Clinton getting in office. In this election it would mean a second obama term and that is something far too dangerous to quibble over trivial things like third party candidates. So in this instance, if you vote for a third party you are giving your vote to obam, plain and simple, and to do that is flat out stupid.


I saved the worst for last. I have the great displeasure to know some of these morons. They seem to come in two different flavors. The intelligent, all too trusting, do gooders.  These people actually believe the crap they’re coming up with. Then there is what I refer to as political zombies. These people don’t seek out knowledge for themseles. They believe anyone as long as they have a (D) next to their name. They don’t care if it even makes sense. obama could get up infront of his teleprompter and tell the nation that Romney dances naked in the moonlight with a dozen naked virgins to the musical stylings of the Bee Gees, but only on his birthday, they would believe every word as though it were gospel. Not a single one of them would take the time to learn anything on their own.

Look, if you have no other issues let’s bring it down to this…..


obama has made it clear that he wants a new weapons ban. He’s had the State Dept. working with the UN on a planetary weapons ban. This bastard means to turn us all into serfs and destroy the constitution. If you have no other reason to vote next month make it to save everything we hold dear. Everything that matters.

Vote obama out of office.

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