Training Targets

There are all kinds of targets on the market geared toward helping you gain skill with your firearms. Large targets, small targets, some with different colors and shapes. They’re all great and all needed as accuracy trainers for both beginners and advanced shooters. One thing they don’t do is help you learn to defend yourself.

I’ve done some research into the matter and found that we as trainers are furthering a common misconception. The term “Center Mass” is completely false and should never be used. If you look at actual human anatomy the center of the chest is approximately just above the diaphragm. Take a look at targets used by groups such as IDPA and compare the target against an acutal person and you’ll find the 10x ring at about sternum level. Put your shots there and you miss everything vital.

What we need is a change in targets from time to time. I’ve been looking into the right kind of target for some time now. I admit that the original one I settled on I simply can’t find. It had a normal photo target on one side and the anatomy on the other side. It was perfect. You need to see the target for what it is, a person. I think that is important. You may not want to shoot at this target alone but I do think you need to steel yourself against the possibility of having to defend yourself or others. If you have to defend yourself it would be nice to know where to aim to get the aggressor to stop rather than just inflicting a painful wound and have the bad guy still coming at you or your family.

Now I’m not trying to tell you to make yourself into a well tuned killer. What I’m saying is we need to know how to stop criminal agression as swiftly as possible. The only way to do so is to know where a shot will do the most damage. Now I’m not going to list the vital areas you want to aim for on an internet blog. I don’t need that kind of liability. For that you are going to have to come take a Crusader Firearms Training course. Not because I want you to come pay for the course but because it gives me a way to screen the students. For instance there’s no way I’m going to train a gang banger to be a better criminal.

Here is a link to the type of target I’m thinking of . It has an overlay of correct anatomy and size to let you know where you’re hitting..

As a training aid I suggest you use your usual accuracy training targets for normal practice. Then use the anatomy target as a personal qualifyer once a month or so. Use a couple in a course qualifier. One to show students where they are use to hitting so you have a way to train them on where to hit. Then end with a qualifier with the anatomy target and score it on how well they learned the proper areas to hit.

4 thoughts on “Training Targets

    1. Those are great targets too. I still think it’s important to have a target that hides the anatomy portion until you’re checking the target. In a real defense situation the anatomy won’t be visible so why train with only that visible?

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