Disclaimer…this is another sick day post so I make no promises that this will make complete sense but I’m still going to write it.


Okay, all the debates are behind us. I think we saw the true colors of both candidates. Obama thinks we don’t use horses or bayonettes. He made comment after comment that proves, to anyone paying attention, that he was either lying or didn’t know what he was talking about. Let’s face it, I really wanted Mitt to just tear obama apart, and let’s face it obama set himself up for being verbally destroyed every time he opened his mouth.


Libya…oh, we could have made obama look like he was complisit in the Libya cover up. Why the cover up? Well, I’ll leave that up to you but I still think we need congress to take a deeper look into what went on there. I know Glenn Beck was saying something yesterday about governmental arms trafficing to Libya and our slain diplomate was there to seal the deal. I have no idea if that was true or not. I haven’t been able to try looking it up. However, the former CIA member that he was discussing it with was pretty convincing. In fact they’re talking about it right now on his radio show. Now if Romney could have confronted obama on handing over weapons to our enemies in Libya we would have reason to charge obama with treason and murder.


The other side of this is we have proof that a drone was sending real time video from the attack back to the situation room in the White House. So the fact that no action was taken, no rescue mission launched, and the events covered up is nothing short of criminal. So Romney could have destroyed obama on this but evidently made the conscious decision to not pull that trigger. I really wanted to see that trigger pulled. I wanted obama to come out of this looking like a fiend and have the nation know him for the criminially neglagent hypocrit that he is because something could have been done and they chose to do nothing. They chose not only to leave these men behind but the watched them die in real time.


I think the talking heads may be right on the debate. I think Romney wasn’t trying to convince those of us that already are onboard with kicking obama out of office. He was trying to be the more presidential looking one for the undecided voter. You and I don’t need convincing. What we saw last night was obama being a snarky asshole and completely benieth the office of the president. Then on the other hand we saw Romney looking calm, collected, and in control. Romney looked more presidential than the president and I’m guessing that spoke volumes to the undecided voter.

Did that stratigy work? Hell I don’t know. We’ll see if it worked in 14 days. One thing I can say, spend some time on you knees. Pray it worked because if obama is re-elected we’re all in very big trouble.

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