Latest project

Today I’m trying to get a POF piston carbine. Best quality, bar none, is the receivers. They are beefy and well machined. Least popular thing with me, at the moment, is the flash hider. The customer would like a different one. The problem with that is the fact that it is pinned and welded in place. That means that there is a hole drilled through the flash hider and partially into the barrel. Then they put a spot weld over top of it to hold it in place. Now, I can get through the weld but I can’t scratch the hardened pin with any drill I’ve got. So if I try to remove the flash hider any further the pin will destroy the threads. No threads, no changing the flash hider. So, I’m a little disgusted with that issue. When my customer wants a new flash hider I want to make that swap. Now because of this issue I can’t do that.

The piston itself? I’m not a fan of piston AR’s. It’s nothing but a fix for poor quality control. Well we don’t have that problem with POF so why the hell do we need a piston on here? But that’s beside the point. The piston rod only has to push a 5.56 bolt carrier. Not that big of a deal. They make it the same diameter as a normal gas tube. Personally I would widen the gas tube port in the upper and give the customer a more heavy duty piston rod. Having a thicker piston rod (no need for jokes there guys) the less chance that a heavy load will bend the rod and put your rifle down for the count. It would take a lot of work to replace the piston. Not exactly work that can be done from home. It will have to go to a gunsmith or sent back to POF. Not a choice setup.

3 thoughts on “Latest project

  1. Why not grind, file, or mill the weld off. Split the muzzle brake with a small cut-off wheel in two places on opposite sides the threads perpendicular to the threads, one cut should be through the pin hole. Split parts with cold chisel at cut line. Pull parts of muzzle brake off. The pin should be sticking out of threads at this point. Pull pin with pliers. A lot of work but should leave salvageable threads.

  2. I thought they only pinned-n-welded on 14.5″ barrels to get them up to the NFA -required [sic] sixteen inches. (But then you didn’t say what length barrel is.)

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