I had a pleasant surprise at church today. One of the men’s leaders actually walked and sat down next to me. That’s enough of a shocker since I’m the weird gun guy of the group and usually ignored. He sits down and tells me there’s a few of the guys that are looking to get their CCW and wondered if I could teach the class. Unfortunately I am not certified to teach Utah’s CCW course. That isn’t a big deal though because I know three guys in my close network that are certified. So I had it covered for them.

That in and of itself was awesome but he wasn’t finished. He then went on to go for the big questions…what gun. Ok, so his first question was if an AK47 was better than a pistol was better for home defense. Wow, do we have some work to do there. He wanted something that would be good for both him and his wife to defend their family with.

Well here was my suggestion and why. For a husband and wife team of new shooters with home defense concerns I suggested a 20ga shotgun. Reasons why….less recoil for her, not abusive for the new shooter husband that may have recoil concerns. No need to scare them off with 12ga recoil. Let them get use to having some kick and then move the husband into a 12ga leaving the 20ga for the wife’s personal home defense gun.

The 20ga has plenty of down range power for distances of small house hall ways. A good 2 3/4 bird shot for wall penetration concerns and you have something the new shooter wife can shoot without a lot of accuracy worries or recoil horror stories. I think it’s a good starting point.

We’ll work the husband, who wants his carry permit, into a nice Every Day Carry piece as well.

The thing that really get’s me about this is that this is a congregation with a few veterans but very few of them own weapons of any kind. One in particular that actually shocks me that he refuses to own weapons. After knowing his military background you’d be shocked too. Anyway, to have these guys waking up and being concerned about their safety and showing a willingness to take a personal responsibility for it is amazing. It really made my day to see some of these guys moving in a positive direction.

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