CT reactions

I may end up having more to say than I thought. I just listened to a segment about “can we prevent evil”. I’m sorry but my answer to that is no. Excuse me while I get a bit religious.

  1. If you believe in evil then you believe that there is a force behind evil. Satan, the Devil, The Son of the Morning, the author of evil. As long as there is a devil working to guide others to do evil deeds and bring people down into the same misery that he experiences there will be an ever present source of evil deeds and people to go with them.
  2. There is only one way to deal with evil. You can’t legislate it away without becoming evil yourself. The only way to legislate away evil is to take freedom of choice away from EVERYONE. It will never apply just to evil doers if you are trying to prevent evil things from happening. You must take rights away from good people that have no desire to do evil.
  3. The only way to get rid of evil is to CRUSH it. Destroy evil where it is found. Part of freedom is having the right to choose what we do and don’t do. Once evil is committed destroy it. Now that may mean locking up the individual that did it, rehabilitation, of shooting it in the face.

These are just my opinions on the subject. They are no reflection on anyone or anything else.


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