Gundoc’s Response to the Connecticut Shooting

I have a few things to say but first let me take a second to offer my sympathy and broken heart to the families having to find a way to get through the day after loosing a child to something as horrific as this. I speak for myself as well as all of us at Crusader when I say that out thoughts and prayers are with you.

There is so much to say here. I just hope I don’t forget anything.

First I want to hit on mental health issues. This is a guy that, reports say, shot his father in New Jersey, drove to New Hope Connecticut and killed his mother (possibly with her own weapons as the weapons found at the scene were registered to her), then went to her place of work…an elementary school…was buzzed in and immediately killed the office staff while the mic was on and them giving the morning announcements. It’s then reported that he went to his mother’s class room and killed every student in the room. Somewhere there must have been a red flag. A boss, co-worker, therapist, friend, or church leader saw a red flag. There is such a stigma placed around mental health issues that no one will discuss it. You’re a freak or a wuss if you see a therapist for problems you have in your life. We’re all guilty of either needing to talk out our problems with someone or seeing something that we ignore. With the increase of such murders across the country my solution to this is that we need increased vigilance. Someone knew this kid was about to snap and kept their mouth shut.

As for the shooter himself…what a complete pansie. I don’t know what all this kid has lived through but something tells me that at some point in his life he has been taught right from wrong. Parents of a teacher has taught him that it’s wrong to hurt someone. People live through traumatic lives every day without shooting someone that had nothing to do with their grief. You have issues, direct your anger toward those who cause it. I guarantee that a class full of Kindergarteners didn’t cause him enough pain to warrant being killed for it. So, like any other coward in this world, he takes his anger to a place full of unarmed sheep. He takes out “soft targets” instead of taking the fight to the one’s that deserve it. I know they have to fill in the reports so they’ll use this bastards name. It is my hope (it won’t come true but I can still hope) that they will never show this murder’s face on any form of media. Don’t give this worthless piece of human refuse the lime light he wanted.

There is more to this than most are seeing. This 20yr old kid dressed in black fatigues. This should tell you several things.

  1. This was thought out ahead of time. He planned it to the extent of dressing the part.
  2. When you play a part you dress the part. So this bastard actually thought that these black fatigues embodied who he saw himself as. This is SWAT like gear. It says a lot for his mindset.
  3. It also says who he was trying to be like. He obviously wasn’t issued this gear. He got it at a local store and was using it to boost his self confidence. Read that last sentence again. This kid sees himself without hope and without accomplishments that would lead to self confidence. So he dons the attire of someone who possesses what he does not…BALLS.
  4. Even to himself he was worthless and it disturbed him enough to try to look like someone else.

Politicizing. Yes, even before the bodies are cold we have to deal with politicizing. Obama couldn’t get through his statement without saying that in the coming weeks we needed to take real action, despite the politics. Seriously? You want to say that we need to look into the rise in shootings and how to fix the problems, fine, but don’t say something that will have everyone thinking that you’re looking at a gun ban. NOW IS NOT THE TIME. Voice your sympathy. Tell the victims that you will open the resources of the Federal Government to help in any way possible but don’t wreck a good reaction by making any kind of political statement. I have more to say about this but now…isn’t…the…time.

I have an answer and I am going to call on my fellow trainers, nation wide, to join me in something. We have decided to give our services to Utah teachers. There is one solution that no one has taken seriously. Cowards shoot up schools because they are soft targets. What that means is there is no one there to stop you. You have complete control. You see yourself as god at that place and time. We need a policy change nation wide. Allow the teachers to get training and arm themselves as designated, in school, defense. In other words, you are making the school a “hard target”. No coward will attack a school if they know there are armed and well trained teachers waiting to kill them.

If you are a Utah teacher. Come to me with your teachers ID or something else that shows that you currently work in the Utah school systems we will give you one basic and one advanced pistol course free of charge. We have children in Utah schools and would like to see smart solutions to keep our kids safe. We want to tell Utahns that our schools are NOT soft targets. You walk into our schools with ill intent and you won’t be met by wilting flowers…but with trained men and women and their bullets.

10 thoughts on “Gundoc’s Response to the Connecticut Shooting

  1. Good on you, Making our schools into a fortress rather than a target. I urge every teacher/aide/librarian or principle to seriously consider taking Gundoc up on his offer. We don’t want to see this happen ever again – and you, you valuable mentors and administrators can be that first line of defense for the future of our nation

  2. I had that same thought. Arm the teachers. Only one thing scares me about that. Teachers are human. What if they make a mistake, despite being trained, and kids die. Maybe they set the gun down (it happens to professionals, for instance in a bathroom) and a child gets it. Maybe the teacher his or herself snaps. I’m not saying these are reasons not to arm them, I’m just saying it needs careful planning and thought. Also you may have teachers who believe guns have no place in schools or in society, will they feel uncomfortable working with others who are armed? Just some things to consider.

    1. That’s why I think the teachers should have to carry concealed. Then there is not setting it down and, if they’re doing it right, no other teachers know they’re carrying. Now getting together with other teachers that carry to coordinate with each other…have a plan…I think that’s fantastic. This is also why I think they need to have training. They’re not just a hippie with a gun. They need to be very well trained.

      1. I agree. I understand the need to be well trained and carry concealed. But there is still the human factor….even well trained people make mistakes. Example… It’s my kid’s lives at stake. I agree with the idea of arming teachers. I just think that we should be well educated on all angles of this and the potential problems it might have. In all honesty, the risks of something like a teacher leaving a gun (women do have to carry differently and make adjustments for things like going to the bathroom, and seeing how the majority of teacher are female…) are slim and the the benefits outweigh these issues I brought up. I just think parents have the right to know what risks there are to this.

  3. You put fish in a barrel, someone will go fishin! The govt has far more responsibility for this than people will admit. They had a school of more than 600 students, how many adults…and no one shot back

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