New Gun Control Talk

Gun control is a personal issue with me. Yeah, a lot of it is because I make my living building the finest AR’s know to man but also becasue it is what our freedom hinges upon. As we all know, the 2A was put in place as a check for a tyranical government. If we let it pass away….all that will be left will be socialism and slavery.

I urge all of you to call or email your national represenitives. To get you started, here is the email I sent out today. Feel free to use it as a template:


I’m very concerned about a knee jerk reaction toward gun bans. It’s a complete afont to the second amendment. Do we need to do something to protect our children while at school? Absolutely. However, taking away a law abiding citizen’s right/means to defend themselves, their family, and even complete strangers is counterproductive. We’ve seen time and time again that having gun free zones only creates easy targets for those who are bent on evil deeds. We can’t legislate away evil in the hearts of men. All we can do is prepare ourselves to meet such people with equal force. Take a look at every recent shooting. As soon as the shooter spots law enforcement or an armed citizen the shooter has taken his own life.

I’d like to propose an alternate solution. The reason these shootings are happening at schools is because cowards know that they will not be met with any resistance. Here in Utah we’ve have the right to carry concealed on school campuses and if you will take notice, we haven’t had a mass shooting in on campus. This answer needs to be expanded nation wide. We need our teachers and administrators to have the option of carrying concealed during school hours. There are many firearms trainers (myself included) that have set up programs to teach public school personel free of charge. It’s important that they not only take a concealed permit course but defensive training so they are competent with their concealed weapon.

Right now our schools are easy targets. We need to change that. Making or schools safe means making them a difficult target. No cowardly mass murderer is going to think about our schools if they know they will be met with highly trained resistance.

No ban on the type of any firearm or the amount of ammunition it will hold will accomplish what is desired. We saw this during the Clinton ban. We see this in every country where complete bans have been tried. It simply doesn’t work to take arms away from good people. Because of things like the blackmarket evil will always have a way to get a hold of weapons. The ban will only cause more defenseless victims.

Thank you for your service to Utah and our nation,

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