Sporting Purpose???

Okay, there’s a lot that needs to be said here. We have heard, and will hear more, from the gun grabbers spouting the term “sporting purpose”. This term is something the left has cooked up over the last decade, or so, to tear down the second amendment. That’s it. It has no other reason for existing and I’ll hear no argument on that. This is one of those “because Gundoc says so” things.

The left is trying to take the second amendment which states that our right to own firearms, “…shall not be infringed”. Never does it say anywhere in our founding documents that we should have to prove a “sporting purpose” for owning any type of firearm. If you believe otherwise then you’re an idiot and need to go back and read the document. Oh, sure they will try to say that they have the right to amend where it is needed and for the most part they are right. They can amend what is already there where it is lawful under the original document. That doesn’t give them the right to re-write our founding documents. Again, don’t even try to argue with me on this. I’m right. If you don’t like it you’re obviously wrong.

Okay, hippie whiners like Feinstein are trying to say that rifles like AR’s, AK’s, AUG’s, and FAL’s have no sporting purpose. They even add in semi auto pistols into that mix. Let’s take a close look at this. If you’re looking only at rifles with higher magazine capacity and a sporting purpose for them….

  1. 3 gun competition
  2. long range competition
  3. service rifle competition
  4. target shooting
  5. predator hunting
  6. varmint hunting
  7. big game hunting
  8. plinking

Is that a long enough list of  “sporting” purposes? Today AR15’s are being used for every one of those purposes. They are the number one “sporting rifle” in the US today. THE NUMBER ONE SPORTING RIFLE. Is that freaking clear? Was I descriptive enough for you leftist? I know you have a hard time accepting logic, other than your own misguided logic, so I just want to be sure that you understand what I’m trying to get through your head without drawing you a picture. If I have to draw you a picture you are too stupid to carry on a conversation and we’re done here.

If that wasn’t enough here is a few videos. In these video you will see, via the rounds expended, why it is really handy to have more rounds in the magazine as well as some of the other competitions and hunting purposes of these rifles.

Okay, did that make sense to you? Do you understand the “sporting purpose” behind high capacity magazines and the rifles that go with them?

What we need to look out for is banning something that simply isn’t understood. Do we need to do something to protect ourselves from mass shootings? Of course we do. Instead of blaming the tool of the mass shooter let’s start taking a look at where the downfall is in our society that produces a person that wants to hurt and kill mass amounts of people. Let’s take a look at how we combat evil because it actually exists. Don’t blame the tool. Work on healing what causes a person to want to kill others in large amounts. Maybe that just has too much common sense in it though. Liberals and common sense usually don’t mix.


2 thoughts on “Sporting Purpose???

  1. You are correct that “sporting purpose” requirement is bullshit, and is not to be found in the Constitution or Bill of Rights anywhere.
    Hell, if IDPA and 3-gun aren’t sports, then soccer and hockey sure as hell aren’t.

    Anyone who uses the term “Sporting Purpose” as some kind of litmus test for whether we peasants should be “allowed” to own certain guns/mags has not only never read the Constitution, they have absolutely no clue about the point and purpose (or historical importance) of the 2nd Amendment.

    However, the term “Sporting Purpose” didn’t crop up in the last decade — it is actually part of the language of the 1968 Gun Control Act. You know, that wonderful law that introduced us to FFLs and the Form 4473.


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