“Danger Will Robinson”

I’ve seen the following picture passed around Facebook the last couple of days.

547420_4260779437969_1795132153_nNormally I let these things slide but I have to say something here. Now I agree that the majority of the country is not going to put up with a absolute gun ban but pictures like this bother me. No it’s not the sentiment they are trying to portray because I think there are those people out there that look at a gun ban in that same light.

What really makes me grit my teeth is the fact that they’re putting it on Facebook. We all know that Facebook posts are being used for everything from counter-terrorism to divorce cases. Facebook is being monitored by “Big Brother” and yet you are showing all your cards on freaking Facebook. Look, if you feel the same way as the picture depicts that’s your right as an American to think the way you choose. But don’t plaster it on Facebook….

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