No…believe it or not, I’m not stupid. I had a comment on my post about the militias moving into Utah that will never be allowed. So lynnofalaska…..think about using a different tone and and nit insulting the author of the blog with every other word.

Now, I really do know more about militias than you think. The weekend warrior groups are a stretch. Should we be armed? Absolutely. Should we train, and train together? Absolutely. These groups making plans targeting law enforcement isn’t it. That’s usually the point I piss someone off.

The legal definition is found in the Dick Act of 1903.

January 21, 1903.

[Public, No. 83.]

[CHAPTER. 186]

AN ACT To promote the efficiency of the militia, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the militia shall consist of every able-bodied male citizen of the respective States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, and every able-bodied male of foreign birth who has declared his intention to become a citizen, who is more than eighteen and less than forty-five years of age, and shall be divided into two classes—the organized militia, to be known as the National Guard of the State, Territory, or District of Columbia, or by such other designations as may be given them by the laws of the respective States or Territories, and the remainder to be known as the Reserve Militia.

So all of us are the reserve militia and should take it seriously. In the case of foreign invasion or tyrannical government it is the job of both the military AND the militia to activate.

These splinter groups that are being watched…and infiltrated…by the FBI and other government enforcement agencies (I know that because I’ve sat with LEO’s and looked at surveillance photos) that are an issue. They are right about a lot things. Some of the groups (not all) take things to a dangerous extreme. It’s the extreme ones that I have an issue with.

Still pissed….oh well.

3 thoughts on “Militia

  1. Very good point Joe.
    MANY people start going nuts if that word is brought up.
    It has been stolen, just like the term shooter.
    I am a proud shooter and a member of the reserve militia.
    I will keep these words, for us and those like us.


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