Biblical Scale Evil…Today?

Yeah, I know…I usually don’t touch these kinds of topics. Not that I haven’t spent my time with these issues, I was a missionary and legal minister in my youth. This just isn’t the topics you want to read about on a gun blog. However, since I am the Gundoc and this is MY “doctrine”, I’m going to go for it. Now first let’s have the disclaimer….ready….

The Gundoc is expressing his opinions in this post. Mainly because it’s his blog. He will be using his usual writing style so he will not sound like an actual preacher. Opinions of people will not be expressed with kit gloves. The Gundoc calls it how he sees it so if you’re a moron he will be inclined to call you a moron. It is his right to express that opinion under the first amendment to the US Constitution and he will apply it liberally. If you are offended by any of Gundoc’s opinions…Gundoc recommends getting yourself some feminine wipes and clean up your whinny…well, we don’t need to use the language that would normally follow. I think you get the gist of it. No sympathy will be expressed for girly men at any time and if there is need to revoke your “Man Card”, Gundoc will be happy to do so and make fun of you while he does so.

With that out of the way let’s get a little more serious.

The Scriptures warn us of false profits and Messiahs in the last days (Mark 13:22 For false Christs and False prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possiible, even the elect.). I think we’re seeing that today and it’s right in our face. There’s no hiding behind a weird religious cult, this is main stream and they have millions of followers. Consider this:

  1. First we have what I am calling the “Church of the Earth”. At it’s head is a man that has been proven to be a fraud and is still worshiped. Al Gore…the same guy that Clinton picked to be the stupid VP to make himself look really smart. I’m guessing that everyone reading this blog was alive and remembers just how much of a moron Gore was during the ’90s. The dude had to ride the short bus to the White House in morning. This man has gone on to be considered the foremost authority on Global Warming. He has gone to schools where it is “mandatory” for our kids to sit through scare tactics like baby polar bears floating away on an ice berg. If they cared so much why not try to save the bear? Because that wouldn’t work in his favor. He has demonized anyone who doesn’t agree with him while he racks up more carbon output than the average family does in a life time. It all comes down to the fact that he was out…no one cared that he was alive…his time in the spot light was over and he was still standing on stage asking if anyone was still in the audience. So, how do you get back in the light? You become the prophet of your own cult. You do so with false information, scare tactics, call non believers names, and you get it popular in liberal government. Why liberal government? Because we all know that there is no personal opinion or breaking from the party line in liberal leadership. I’ve watched this in action personally. No one questions it. If you are a liberal leader and you put out there that the sky is actually purple then every liberal individual will agree with you without question. So I submit to you today that Al Gore is a False Prophet of Biblical proportions in our world today and has created his own church and his own set of moralities where they believe everyone will be judged by.
  2. Gabriel Gifford’s husband, Mark Kelly, is called to testify to congress as an expert on gun violence. This is one I firmly believe is not the fault of this man but that the anti-gun lobby is holding up as a false prophet. Once again, I do not believe that Mark Kelly believes himself to be an anti-gun prophet. I do, however, believe that the gun grabbers are using him as one crying from the wilderness. To the people in D.C. Mark Kelly lives all the way in Arizona, that has to be the frontier or something…right? So it must be the Wild West out there…right? So he must be an expert because the “wild west” mentality has effected his life directly. The truth is that he has a very emotional plea. His wife was shot and he believes in gun control. Immediately the left is holding him up as a prophet for their cause. Mr. Kelly is a smart man and is still being used by these puppeteers in D.C. and it’s unconscionable.
  3. Let’s look at the biggest false Christ we have seen in the last century…at least. Barack Obama. This arrogant individual fully believes he is here to save us from ourselves. A person who knows absolutely nothing about what he preaches and still thinks that he is the moral authority on any subject. This is a man that we were told was going to resurrect or national opinion in the world, bring about world peace, was going to lower the levels of the oceans, and heal the nation as a whole. People flock to him and hang on his every word. Media personalities beg him to go around congress (our divinely inspired form of government) and force in what he thinks is the correct way for us to live. This hypocrite is the definition of a false Messiah.  

I’m going to call it a day right there. To find more all you have to do is watch the news. You’ll get people like Pelosi, Reed, Fienstein, Pierce Morgan, so on and so forth. I realize that coming from self named blog labeling it my doctrine is hypocritical in and of itself. However, I don’t intend for you to take anything I write as gospel. This is just my opinion and you are free to agree or disagree with me and as long as your comments are civil and add to the conversation I am more than happy to have you discuss how you disagree with me. I welcome that.

All I ask is that you consider what I have to say here. Real evil exists in our world. The left would have you think that criminals are the real victims. Maybe they had a bad childhood, or a poor education, or some other line of crap that alleviates personal responsibility. What do you want if you want to lead people astray? You want to make people think that they aren’t actually responsible for their actions. Anyway, consider what I have to say. If you agree, great. If you don’t, great but at least you read an opposing opinion and maybe it will make you ask yourself some questions.

3 thoughts on “Biblical Scale Evil…Today?

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