CCW Discussion

As a topic of discussion Concealed Carry is a vast topic. Everyone talks about the big issues, hoster choice, EDC pistol, number of magazines carried, and even carry position. I think we miss some of the smaller areas and it’s really a shame. I’d like to post up a couple that have been on my mind and encourage you to reply with other such smaller CCW skills.

Jackets are fantastic for fall and winter. They make concealment a lot easier. Here’s one thing that I make a personal practice that no one talks about. Make sure your jacket has pockets that zip closed. Carry your car keys in the strong side pocket. This gives some weight to that side of the jacket and will give some decent momentum to the corner of the jacket. This makes it easier to toss aside that side of the jacket if you have to draw your weapon.

Another aspect of a jacket or hoody is the pocket itself. I make it a point, every time I get in the Crusader Battlewagon or any vehicle for that matter, to do a quick double check of the pocket. If it has a zip closure, which I recommend for a concealment jacket (for your keys), if it isn’t zipped up and you have to “roll out” it could snag on your arm rest and prevent you from getting out of the vehicle. It’s a “when seconds count” issue. If you have to exit the vehicle in a hurry to deal with an issue (draw fire away from kids in the car, for instance) and the jacket pocket snags on the arm rest….you’re fighting the jacket to get out of the car instead of fighting the enemy.

So, like I said. No one discusses the small things but we should. It’s the small things that can make a big difference when it hits the fan. With the slight rise in mass murder in the US we Sheepdogs need to be able to talk about our readyness level and how to improve reaction times.

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