SHOT Show 2013…belated.

How do you put down everything that goes on at SHOT Show? I haven’t quite figured that one out. There was a lot of political whispers. A lot went down while we were there. New York…..the Executive Orders. It wasn’t pretty and all you had to do was stop talking to hear groups around you discussing everything going on.

The show itself was insane. If it is possible in the outdoor industry it was all there under one roof. Here are some highlights;

1) A new Dodge. The bed of the truck still has the same width between the wheel wells but the little used space on either side now has built in tool boxes in the fenders. They are just the right size to use as rifle storage with room for ammo. This thing is s suburban battle wagon and I want one in O.D. please. Santa…if you’re listening…..

2) ATI, not my favorite company, has a new mag extension for the Rem 870. The end of this thing is absolutely midevil. Use it up against a tree for stability with long range slug shots….or just to give some one a really bad day. I could have evil plans for that. Stand by.

3) Had a few “hyper” moments with Rob Pincus. Totally by accident…he just happened to spot George as he walked into one of the crowded ball rooms full of booths. Wishes he could just live on a hill top with 1000yds of steel targets to plink at with his own Broadsword. Yeah…

4) Our new employee on deck earned his nickname….”Juicy”. There’s a world of inside jokes on that one. Let’s just say he hates it…which means we love it.

5) Talked with Brownells, and as many suppliers as possible. Naturally they told us there are no parts to be had but they are attempting to contract local machine shops to make lower parts kits. Since that is the one part we’re hurting for…it was good to hear that they are being pro-active about it. As for name brand parts….4 to 6 months out. My reply, “you’re killing me”. We’ll keep harping on everyone though.

6) Here is the kicker. We realized that sending George to two parties, Personal Defense Network and Concealed Carry Magazine, did far more work than Wes and I running our selves to the bone around SHOT Show all week. George nailed it when he said that SHOT Show is for the dealers, you go there for the people/contacts. You go to the NRA show to see your customers. Other than, maybe, sending George to the get togethers at SHOT, I think we’re done until we have a booth. We’re going to start saving for a trip to the NRA show next year. That will have to be done in force though. Booth and everything. Yes, we’re feeling overwhelmed now….

All in all, I’ve never been more happy to get home. It’s past time to get back to work doing what we love and we’re going to give it both barrels. 

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