“Vice President Biden’s Shotgun Instruction”


Ok, where do we begin on the stupidity of this video. This guy in one breath says that there’s no ban on guns then goes on to his shotguns and follows it up with “regulating” the type of weapon AVAILABLE. Ok dipstick, if you regulate a type of firearm out of public hands that is called a BAN. Do you really have a clue or do you just pull this stuff out of the wrong orifice. With all seriousness this is a the only people he is fooling are the truly ignorant. Then this insult to the office of VP goes on to do just that. He insults the lady that asked the question. I’m sorry, I must be missing something but are you defending your position or being a bully?

Now let’s take a look at this “double barreled shotgun” thing. I’ve never heard a more rediculous statement about self defense in my life. Let’s break it down.

1. A 12 gauge is a fine weapon for hunting birds or clay pigions. For a woman’s self defense, to make this firearm the blanket, do all weapon…is moronic. For one thing you take a small, petite woman and a 12 gauge will have abusive recoil. Can she work up to using a 12 gauge? Absolutely. It will take training and practice. She will have to be taught proper stance and possibly work her way up from a .410 or 20 gauge that won’t be as abusive and frighten her away from ever pulling the trigger again. Everyone has different levels of experiene so to give a “one size fits all” answer just shows how little Biden knows on the subject of self defense.

2. Ok, an armed robber is in your house. You do as Biden suggests and go out onto the balcony (most people don’t have a balcony, moron) and let off a “couple blasts”. (Not sure if he’s talking about blasts from the shotgun or flatulence…wouldn’t want to offend the armed robber) Does he not understand what that entails? Anyone that owns a gun understands that firing a couple rounds into the air is ILLEGAL. Ok, sure it’s just shotgun pellets. But what goes up still must come down. Those may still be able to do damage or even kill someone outside hundreds of yards away. Not likely from a shotgun…unless it’s loaded with buckshot.

3. This should be simple enough, right? If you fire both barrels outside your house…you have an empty gun…and the intruder is not frightened off by something OUT SIDE OF THE HOUSE what do you do. Have you made sure you wife knows how to reload that shotgun? Does she have to unlock your cabinet to get to the ammunition? What can an armed intruder do in that amount of time if she is found holding an empty shotgun that she illegally fired into the air? How stupid do you think people are? It’s great that you live in a wooded area but most people don’t. You’re going to end up with the less intellegent of your supporters sticking the barrel of a shotgun out the window of their inner city apartment and blasting out the window of the apartment across the street.

4. Ok, do I need an AR15? Not what I’m worried about…yet. I’ll get to that. I might like to have my glock with all 13 rounds. He might ask…it’s only three more rounds, will it really make a difference? Yes it will make a difference. Wolves travel in packs. You rarely hear of the lone guy breaking in somewhere any more. It’s always multiple threats and those three rounds could be the difference between having all threats either neutralized or fleeing and bad guy number 3 shooting me and having free access to my family. Now, if I choose to defend my family with my AR15 (it really depends on the threat I perceive) that is my choice. No government entity has the right to tell me what I can and can’t defend my family, my community, and my country with. For Biden to even bring that up is stupid and shows how little he knows about the Bill of Rights and about SELF defense. It’s called “self” defense to indicate the individual. It’s not Biden Defense. Besides what he doesn’t tell you is that he IS protected, night and day, buy men with M16’s and other full auto weapons. The hypocracy is just oozing out of his ears. The sheer audacity of this guy is shocking.

Now one thing I will give him is that a shotgun is a fantastic home defense weapon. NOT a double barreled shotgun, though. You get yourself an 18″ barreled shotgun (shorter barrel means it’s more mobile and more easily employed), pump action or semi auto will do great, make sure it has the appopriate magazine extension, and do some research on what ammo will be best for your situation.

The fact of the matter remains…Joe Biden knows absolutely nothing about self defense but preaches to his faithful zombies about what they should do and they will believe him. I think just writing about this excrament for brains has made me loose a few IQ points. It’s just not possible to dumb things down for him without being infected by his “stupid” virus.

Let me leave it with this….if you want to learn about self defense go to an expert on the subject and don’t listen to a politician. Email someone that trains people to defend themselves. Ask them some questions. I know they will be glad to help you. Heck, even I will answer your questions.

Carry on.

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