So it all started right after SHOT Show with what SHOT plague…also known as influenza. High fevers, zero energy, and feeling like death warmed over. Was it done there? That would be too easy.

If the plague wasn’t enough I ended up with the cold from hades that ended up taking my voice. Caughing to the point of starting to blackout. Torn up throat from it. More fevers. Total suck. That was about give weeks ago and my voice is still gone. If you have called in to Crusader and I haven’t answered your voicemail…it’s because I don’t have a voice to do so with. It’s nothing personal. Please send us an email and I’ll see that you’re taking care of.

Finally had enough and had my wife make me an appointment with my doctor. I ended up seeing the nurse practitioner in his office.

All said and done I got a prescription for something that is meant to kill the swelling around my vocal cords. I was also instructed to see a specialist to make sure there are nothing wrong with them and no growths on them. Total suck…

I’m tired.

Anyway I’m getting to everybody as quickly as I can. Please bare with me.

2 thoughts on “Sucks

  1. Give us an update so we will know if you are still here. Hope you are doing better. I was sick off and on all of February. I still don’t think I am 100%. So get well.

    1. Thanks much. I’m doing a lot better. My voice isn’t 100%. I actually have a few tones that no longer exist. Nothing but hoarse air comes out. I have an appointment with an ear/nose/throat Dr. in a week. I’m still around though. I’ve been thinking pretty hard on a few posts. I just need time to put them together. I think it will be good stuff though.

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