Hole in the AR15 Market

I’m seeing around Facebook more and more companies putting out some really cool AR lower receivers. While that is awesome in its own right it just isn’t what’s needed. There just isn’t a shortage of receiver makers. Yes, I know…at the moment no one can keep up with the demand and so more are jumping into the market. I understand that.

Here is the Gundoc’s call to action. I’m calling on all machine shops thinking about getting into the AR market or maybe just looking for something new to add to the shop’s ARR-974resume. Here’s what you need to start making. LOWER PARTS SETS. As more and move get into the receiver market the number of parts makers isn’t keeping up. We need more good shops to put out quality parts sets and we need them now.

We talked to Brownell’s at SHOT Show this year about this very thing. They told us they were looking for machine shops to turn out parts and simply had no takers. I know, I know…you’re thinking, “are they crazy”. Well they just might be. A machine shop willing to put out excellent quality parts could be sending out lower parts sets by the thousands right now. That’s some serious cash to be made and no one taking up the call.

Let me say this again. I’m putting out a call to action. Start making lower parts sets and let me know about it. Not only will I flood my network with the news, buy them myself, but will do everything I can to get you a spot at distributors like Brownell’s and Midway USA to get the market back up where it should be.

One thought on “Hole in the AR15 Market

  1. You’re right. The trouble is that building all those fiddly little non-firearm bits is in many ways harder than making things like lower receivers and the profit margins are thinner.

    Rather than just needing a CNC mill and a source of raw forgings; you need CNC grinders, heat treating ovens, injection molding equipment, spring forming machines, etc, etc.

    That’s some daunting s__t right there. I could probably turn out a passable AR lower on my manual Bridgeport, but doing something as simple as a takedown pin would be a major PITA – and for what kind of profit?

    I’m not sure what the solution will be :/

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