Morons in the Gun Debate

I’m so sick of the direction the gun debate is going. The only one making any sense is Ted Cruz. Did you see him questioning Feinstein? He asks her a direct question, if the first amendment ensures we can’t ban books then how do you think you can get away with banning guns? Her face goes from irritated at being questioned by the new upstart to just plain pissed off.

The look in her eyes…if she could have gotten hold of Cruz off camera she would have strangled him. She makes a point of telling him she’s been at this for twenty years. Well, there is the perfect argeument for term limits. Let’s ditch the people with their noses in the air believing they are better than the rest of us and even their own colleagues. She thinks she shouldn’t be questioned. Anything she does is above the scrutiny of some junior Senator.

Let’s look at this way. She starts off by insulting he question by stating that she “isn’t a 6th grader”. Really…is that the best she could come up with? Is she going to start yelling “sticks and stones” next? That’s the mentality of our opposition, folks. They’re little more than 1960’s hippies having a sit in. The only change is they’re “sitting in” our senate seats.

The biggest thing that bothers me about this is her claim of what the senate’s job is. She states that it is congress’ job to “make law” but to leave the constitutionality of it up to the Supreme Court. She thinks she can write any bill she wants and see if it gets challanged later. Naturally that would take long enough that the bill would be fully implamented before the courts can get to the case.

This is just another dirty progressive trick. It’s cowardly and cheap. It shows her lack of respect for the American people. Dianne Feinstein seeks only to impose her twisted sense of morality on the rest of the nation through any means possible. She is a dispicable human being…actually that may have been an insult to the human race.

If you haven’t written your representives, joined the NRA, and made a stand for freedom then you’re asking for your rights to be taken away. This is not the time for timid people. We make a stand now or we loose our nation forever.

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