Last night I listened to George Hill do a masterful job of explaining our stance on selling to states that oppress the right of the people to keep and bear arms. While he did a great job we ran into some issues. I’d like to address those issues.

Rob Pincus brought up some good points. I both agree and disagree on them. He brought up the fact that many departments have their officers buy their own duty rifles and that in departments like this the individual officer could be the one that pays the price. Unfortunately I have to agree with that. I fully realize that in the absense of the people being able to defend themselves that it’s their local law enforcement that will be in added danger. I don’t see a good way around this.

No I’m not trying to say that I want to sacrifice our police on the alter of civil rights. My stance on this is that I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that I sold rifles or even Slipstream to a department that will enforce gun control laws. Sure it’s the state legislatures and the governor that are at fault here but if a local department is willing to enforce those laws then they are the agressive arm of those state governments. Therefore I couldn’t feel that selling to those departments is in any way justified. As a result it is the individual officer that is caught in that crossfire. I can’t help but see the state government as the guilty party in this because they are the ones that persist in further endangering their officers because the populas is unable to protect themselves.

Another point my friend Pincus brought up is that for many of the smaller companies, Crusader being one of those, probably aren’t doing a lot of big law enforcement sales. So taking this stand is more of a marketing trick than anything else. I can understand where he’s coming from there. I have to admit to a flood of emails from people thanking us for joining the second amendment. As well, we don’t have a lot of police departments knocking down our door to get our rifles either. Some individual officers, sure, but nothing on a department level. Now did I take this stand as a means of marketing? That’s actually insulting. I put those press releases together to join other companies in taking a stand. The more companies coming forward like this the stronger our voice is. It’s my goal to have enough firearm companies adding their voice to the 2A call that it forces these states to listen to us.

Now I know that the left wing hacks out there will never actually listen. Then want all of us out of business. But if enough of us stand together then it’s bound to reach the ears of the individual state senator or represenitive. If our collective voice is strong enough maybe it will make him change his/her vote in fear of loosing their position.

In all this I have to thank Rob for bringing up these questions. The more clairity I can add to my stance the more powerful it is. So from all of Crusader Weaponry, thanks Rob.

One last point I’d like to take in this post…in Weld County Colorado we have Sheriff Cooke that has come out on the national stage and told us that he will not be enforcing the state’s new gun regulations. Now here we have a state that we have said we would not sell to but a sheriff that fully deserves our support. If this get’s to Sheriff Cooke, I have a case of Slipstream with your department’s name on it and that will come straight from my own pocket. You need anything, Sheriff, you just let me know. I will add that any Law Enforcement agency that comes out, as Sheriff Cooke has, and refuses to enforce these new laws that will only endanger the people…ban state or not…you have the support of Crusader Weaponry.

I have to admit that, when I put out the press releases, I did not foresee any law enforcement leadership coming out like the Weld County Sheriff has. My own county sheriff has come out and said that he will enforce to the fullest degree any gun bans or added regulations that come out of any government entity. Why would any Chief or Sheriff in more liberal states do any different? Individual officers I know are on our side but it’s the leadership that really counts. If the department heads aren’t on board then the stance of the individual beat cop doesn’t really matter. They have their families livelyhood to think of and I don’t blame them for that.

So I hope I have given Crusader’s stance some added clairity. We will stand with anyone that will stand for our right to exist as a company and as second amendment supporters. Just not with the government entities that seek to endanger and revoke the God given rights of the people.

Carry on.

– Gundoc, CEO of Crusader Weaponry

3 thoughts on “Clairity

  1. Outstanding essay and explanation, Joe. These are not easy times. Negotiating our personal, political and business passions in a way that makes sense is not always easy. Thanks for taking he time to elaborate on your position.
    (ps- now: back to work on my .308! ;-). )

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