All Men Are The Hulk


Before I loose you give this a chance. I bring something I know the men will agree with and something for my feminine readers to consider.

When it comes right down to it the Hulk is the perfect example of the duality of the male gender. Now I know many subscribe to the “all men are pigs” theory. This just shows the depth of the misunderstanding of men. Most of it comes from a source of pain that is then transfered on to the gender as a whole.

To begin to understand us you have to understand that we are really two separate beings rolled into one. Like the Hulk we all have the Dr. David Banner in us. This is the reasoned, sophisticated, fearful side. The doc Banner is the outward appearance. The source of our intelligence and the one capable of complicated thought like worrying or strategy. This side is persuasive and charming.

Then there is the Hulk. This side is the primal man. Despite thousands of years of social evolution the caveman still resides at the center of every post pubescent human male. This is the instinctual side. The one that wants a bloody steak for every meal. The one that houses our passions and our need to dominate the competition.  This side is quick to anger and yet even faster to be the protector. This side is the ferociously in the wwarrior’s blood. The Hulk in every man is incapable of seeing consequences. It jumps into burning windows. It rushes into into battle. It goes through the door into the active urban shooter.

Some men lean more toward one side or the other. None of us are completely centered between the two sides and each side battles the other. The Hulk wants another steak while the doc reaches for a salad before the heart attack comes. Doc tries to argue his way out of a conflict while the Hulk…well the Hulk just wants to “SMASH”.

Unlike the movie or t.v. show there’s no outward change when one side takes the driver’s seat. So, it takes a well trained eye to know who has the wheel. Are we in the mood to reason with something or kill it with a rock? Another guy knows because the Hulk in him is telling him what’s going on. Unfortunately the women among us don’t have this caveman instinctual side to tell them who is the big bad wolf and who is the loyal German Shepherd.

One thing I want to make crystal clear is that there isn’t a damn thing wrong with the way we are? This is the way God intended us to be. I believe he knew we would need to tenderly hold our child one minute and fight off an armed intruder the next.

This also means the Almighty knew we would have to listen to nagging one minute and be able to know to indulge in steak therapy as soon as possible. So the two sides are both needful and therapeutic. There’s no changing us so it is up to you women to both learn to deal us and learn to put up with us. Good luck. You’ll need it but I promise we’re worth it.

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