The Unheard

There is another side of the gun debate that isn’t being heard. In fact it’s a side that isn’t even being given a voice. Sure, we hear from the left and their grandstanding on the graves of the fallen. We hear from the right and a few of them actually standing up for the Constitution. We hear from the NRA and GOA and their fight for gun owners and the Second Amendment and that’s great.

Let’s face it. They couldn’t care less who their agenda effects. Their only goal is control over the people. If we won’t simply submit to their sense of morality then they will force it on us. It’s evil to it’s very core. The Devil sits back, wrings his hands, and laughs at this entire debate. Either the liberals get every ounce of their proposals passed (giving them total control over the country) or they get just enough passed so they can claim a victory (because the R.I.N.O.’s caved in claiming the safety of our children. Last time I checked my children’s safety was MY job and not that of some ancient bureaucrat in D.C.) and they have their foot in the door. No matter haw you look at it they win.

What we aren’t hearing from is the manufactures, their hundreds of workers, the companies making accessories for these weapons and their thousands of workers, the companies that publish the gun rags or their writers (often freelance writers), the trainers, or the thousands of families that depend on the paycheck from these industries for food and shelter. Where is their outcry? Where is their voice being heard? The quick answer is that they aren’t heard. It’s not that they are silent it’s just that they aren’t being given credit as part of the industry.

Gadsden_flag_GrungeWe have the right to exist. We have to right to make a living the way we see fit, withing the confines of the law. That law being the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Inside that realm no man has the right to restrict what we do. We build a lawful product so as far as I’m concerned…Congress, state or federal, can get bent. We are in the pursuit of our own happiness the way we see fit. I really don’t care if they don’t like it either. There simply is no room for debate. I don’t want to hear anything about having to keep the children safe when we give them the answer (as trainers and security professionals) and they dismiss us as though we remain muzzled. I, for one, will not remain silent.

So, let’s hear from those of us in the industry. Don’t be afraid of these liberal chumps. Be proud of who we are. We are the firearms industry. We are those who have already been standing up for our rights as Americans. We just haven’t told Washington WHO we are. The NRA and GOA are doing a great job but they are standing up for the Second Amendment as a whole. NO ONE is standing up for our right to exist. If we don’t…who will?

4 thoughts on “The Unheard

  1. They are after the entire Bill of Rights, not just the 2nd amendment. They can not stand the restrictions it places on their control of us.

  2. Actually in New York, Remington Arms, and UWMA Local 717 did send 50 of their 1300 employees to Albany for the protest there.

    Not all of us are quiet!

    1. That’s great. It really is but you never hear about it. Fox and The Blaze either hasn’t heard about it or just hasn’t reported it that I’ve heard. Thanks for letting me know.

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