I’ve been fighting with something lately and I’m changing the way I think. Sure, its been dark, dreary, and unseasonably rainy here so I haven’t had flown the Colors out of respect. I have to say that it’s also, partially, been an issue of pride.

Let me explain that last statement. We live in a country where people refuse to educate themselves on issues of the day. We live in a land where people willfully vote for people like Feinstein, Reed, and Pelosi. So much so that the far left progressives have a majority in the Senate and the White House.

Few people stand up against the evils of our time and allow monsters to trample on our Constitution. For just an ounce of freedom people are not only willing to give up their own freedom but demand that others loose it by force. If the rest of us aren’t willing to give up the same rights as the useful idiots then the cries go out for NRA members to be killed. You don’t belive me? Google it. It’s all over Twitter. Instead they are completely willing to give up the hard won freedom their fathers blead and died for.

In light of things like that part of me has come to a place where I ask myself, “what’s left to be proud of?”

That’s the wrong question to be asking. Or at least it’s the wrong context to phrase it in. I’m changing my own internal question to be, “what’s left worth fighting for?” That one I can answer. The first one doesn’t deserve an answer but this one I can entertain.

It’s time we recharge our batteries by thinking about the things worth standing for again. We’ve spent too much time on the negitive side of politics today and not enough on what’s worth saving.

So, today is the first Spring day without rain and winter like temperatures. Today is a bright new day. Today I brought out my flag and it flies in front of Crusader HQ. Today we show our pride for what’s worth fighting for.

Our flag above the entry to Crusader HQ. Beautiful isn’t it?

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