Manhunt for the Bomb Suspects

I have just a couple things to say about what’s going on today in the manhunt for the final bomb suspect. I have to be critical here and I hope don’t offend any law enforcement involved because I think these guys are heros.

First off, they have Watertown on lockdown. I understand this reaction. It’s both good an bad, like everything in this world. You see if the flock is in danger you pin them up so they are all in one place and you have one area to protect. This also makes them easy pickings of there are more than one wolf endangering them because you can only fight off so many at a time.

So having “Sheeple” on lockdown does the same thing. The streets are clear which makes it easier for the “Sheepdogs” to do their jobs. It’s a lot easier to find someone running the streets if the streets aren’t crowded. It’s a simple tactic.

It also further endangers the flock. How you ask? Well, you have an entire city full of people locked inside their homes without guards. The Sheepdogs are all out running the streets looking for the wolf. This gives the wolf a chance to kick in a locked door and do bodily harm to the Sheeple inside because they’re pinned up and vulnerable.

Now, what would I do differently? This one I really don’t know because there really aren’t a lot of options here. Either you have crowds people for the suspect to hide in, schools for him to possibly blow up, or you suspend civil liberties for the duration of the manhunt. My heart goes out to the law enforcement of Watertown. They have a very difficult job to do and really only one way to do it.

If this was happening here what would I do personally? I wouldn’t do a lot different. I would keep my kids home from school. I would never be more than five feet from a weapon and would have multiple with me. I may even see that my family (if there was time to organize this) go to a trusted friend outside of the city while gathering a few other trusted friends to Crusader HQ. I have the unique responsibility to make sure that none of the weapons I happen to be working on fall into the hands of the wolf. However, to be completely truthful, I don’t like those options either. This is a really tough situation.

Lastly all I can really say is this….GET HIM BOYS. Find this bastard and give him a double tap for me.

2 thoughts on “Manhunt for the Bomb Suspects

  1. I agree with you. I would have taken my family away, and if the wolf wanted to break into my home and take cover, plunder, etc; I have insurance, and everything can be replaced except my family.

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