Bomber Safety

The question has been floating around over the weekend of, “what could we have done to keep ourselves safe from something like a bomb in public?”

Truth is, not much on our end. Could someone have been situationally aware enough to notice someone dropping a backpack and walking away? Sure. Could you have done anything before they set the bomb off? You could have saved a few.

To do anything substantial we need to do something on a national scale. The way it stands our highest levels of government apparently has no interest in doing what it takes to keep us safe. This just would take a change of the executive office. A change to someone that took border security seriously. Someone that knows enough not to give individuals on the Terror Watch List student visa’s.

The key to being safe from bomb attacks is to not allow these type of people in the country in the first place. The whole point of a terror attack is to make it a surprise in a public place. It’s too difficult to see these surprise attacks coming so being proactive and having it start with immagration is the only place we can really start.

Have a sudden sense of relief? Yeah, me either.

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