Wrong Direction

We all know that we, as a country, have been heading slowly down the wrong path for decades. I have to default to my own personal realm. For thousands of years of human development there has been one thing, one set of skills, that has been the definition of a man. That one thing being the type of weapon he carried and his skill with it. If he was caught out among others without it he was thought less of a man. From a caveman’s club to a Celt’s sword, to an American Minuteman’s Pennsylvania Long Rifle everything about him has been focused on the symbol of his power. This symbol told everyone around him the most important parts of his soul. The strength, the focus, and the honor to protect.

Today we demonize our children and make weapons a matter of terror. We catch them with toys and make them so afraid of ever coming in contact with the real thing that gun control will a useless point in the decades to come. If they can’t legislate it away they will simply make our children too fearful of handling, much less owning, them in their life time. If no one wants to own a weapon then the market will fall out from underneath them and only enough will be made for the police and military. Without fear of an uprising the government will be free to inflict anything they want on the populous.

Read this story

This story sickens me. Why are we arresting children, #1? And if we even need to go further than that then why are we arresting them for a BB Gun? Last time I checked they made them FOR children. Sure they are tools to, responsibly, teach young children to shoot and that’s not a bad thing. The whole article is making a monster of the boy.

“A seven-year-old brought a pellet gun to school, oh my God!”

Seriously….? A full grown adult had that quote to say? IT WAS A PELLET GUN. Do people even know the difference between this and a real gun? The difference in

This is the typical pellet pistol. Some BB pistols are fairly realistic but the article specified a pellet pistol.
This is the typical pellet pistol. Some BB pistols are fairly realistic but the article specified a pellet pistol.

lethality? Oh, wait. That doesn’t matter because we now arrest kids for having an “L” shaped Poptart that could look like a pistol.

“I’m surprised in someways but not in other ways. I was just kind of hoping that 7-year-olds would be a little more innocent than that, or maybe he was just being innocent and thinking that this is cool,” said Cameron.

Cameron…I’m only going to say this once so pay attention, Scooter. When I was a kid a pellet/BB gun wasn’t cool…it was AWESOME. That hasn’t changed. That hasn’t changed.

I will always be proud to be an American. I will always be proud of this country’s history. But I am DISGUSTED with the people of this nation today.

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