Tragedy In More Than One Way

I came across this story on Facebook and had to say something about it.

There is so much wrong with this story it isn’t funny but first, my sincere condolences to her husband and  family.

The best safety you have is the one between your ears. Use some common sense and be safe.
The best safety you have is the one between your ears. Use some common sense and be safe.

First of all each and every safety rule had to have been broken for this to have

happened. Mix that with “party” volumes of alcohol and you have a recipe for disaster. According to the article, “…22-year-old Anastasia Adair was drinking beer with her 40-year-old tattoo artist husband, Dana “Shane” Adair, and three other people when the incident happened in their garage…” and “Anastasia Adair went into her home to get the rifle and then returned to the garage, but slipped or stumbled while handing it to her husband. The weapon went off, striking her in her head.” Holy crap! How does that happen? How do you just slip and point a rifle at your head and be able to reach the trigger and pull it? Oh, make that pull the trigger not once but twice? That’s right the rifle was fired twice. It’s a blessing that no one else was hurt by either bullet.

Without the benefit of being there I can’t explain how the rifle ended up being pointed at her head. That one is a complete mystery to me unless foul play was involved and Ikjg truly don’t think that’s the case here or there would be a whole lot more to this story. What I can explain is the firing of the rifle. It all has to do with something I call Preparatory Response. What this means for this situation is she wasn’t following rule #3 (I would make it #2 but I didn’t make the graphic). She had her finger on the trigger as she was walking back to the garage. She started handing the rifle to her husband and slipped. As she fell the natural bodily response is to clinch every possible muscle to 1. to try to keep from falling and 2. to prepare the body for hitting the ground. That means she was walking with her finger on the trigger of a loaded rifle, slipped, and her bodily reaction pulled the trigger the first time. On the onset of pain the body has the same reaction. So even though she was essentially dead at the time the last pulse the went through her body was to also clinch a last time which pulled the trigger again.

Firearm safety isn't rocket science.
Firearm safety isn’t rocket science.

We can chock this all up to a really bad, preventable, accident. One that never should have happened. End of story, here folks, don’t mix poor firearm safety with alcohol. Be safe out there. Want to see you out for more pipe hitting fun.

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