Slipstream Weapon Lubricant

I haven’t posted anything on Slipstream in a while so I thought it was that time again. I know how impressed with it I am. I know “the faithful” among our customers will use

Get some in the SHOP at
Get some in the SHOP at

nothing else. I read a quick review on today from someone completely new to Slipstream. So new that he registered on WTA just to post the review. Many thanks to him for that. I like it so well because he’s new to the product but was impressed enough to share his thoughts about it. After all, I can tell you how great Slipstream until I’m blue in the face but someone not connected with the company raving about it speaks volumes more. I have also added a link to the actual thread in the title of his reply. Thanks for reading.


Re: My experience with Slipstream so far….
« Reply #218 on: February 20, 2013, 09:28:17 PM »

So, I have to state that I registered here just to post my experience with Slipstream (although I plan on sticking around… :D)…I have to state right off the bat that I was a little skeptical about all the reviews I was coming across out there, and was a little hesitant to drop almost 30 dollars for an ounce of grease and an ounce of oil.   I shouldn’t have worried…   :clapI first heard about it from Larry Correia on his blog…  And I took a gamble on his positive reviews of it, based on the sheer amount of experience he has shooting and maintaining his guns…So the first gun I tried it on when I got the little envelope of gun happiness was a pretty new Taurus PT709 Slim…   Hadn’t really shot it enough to really start breaking it in, and it still had some roughness, especially in the trigger.  Tore it all down, thoroughly degreased it, and followed the instructions for applying the Slipstream, using the guideline of grease on sliding surfaces, oil on pivoting surfaces….  I applied it using a toothpick (based on someones recommendation to apply the grease with a plastic dental pick type of tool).Got it all back together, and racked the slide…………

First I was   :shocked  and then I was  :D….   HOLY CRAP…  I swear it was at least two to three pounds lighter to rack the slide…  And felt like it was on roller bearings…  The gritty spot in the trigger was completely gone, and it felt like it was now lighter in double action than it had been in single action before the Slipstream treatment…    I couldn’t wait to try it on my 1911….   ;)

Repeated the same procedure….  Now my 1911 has been shot…  A lot…  It’s really well broken in…  But now…..   Now it feels like the slide is a couple pieces of glass  with perfectly smooth ball bearings in between….   I couldn’t believe how smooth it worked now….

So I decided to really challenge it….   Pulled out my old, beat up, shouldn’t ever have bought it “Unique” model 52 in .22 LR…   This gun has a HORRIBLE trigger, and a REALLY rough slide…   I figured if any gun would challenge the Slipstream, it’d be this beast….   Even on this gun, Slipstream worked mind-blowingly well…  It’s not as nice as my 1911, but it really is a whole new gun…

Well, I tried to find something that would challenge this thing….   So I broke out the beast…  A somewhat tight Mosin-Nagant (not so tight that it needed a 2×4 to open the bolt….   Normally a 2×2 did the trick).  So I tore it all the way apart, even to the point of taking the trigger apart…   And blasted it with degreaser….   And hit it with more degreaser….   And yet more…  (yeah, this thing still had a bit of cosmoline caked in there)  When I finally had just metal, I started applying Slipstream…   And I could tell just from reassembling the bolt that it was already smoother and slicker…    Lubed the locking lugs, trigger pins, all that fun stuff…  And suddenly the M-N morphed into an SVT!

So I attacked my 870….   And it turned into an AA-12!!!!

Oh yeah…  The Garand was next….   Nothing changed on the outside….  But this very mysterious switch suddenly appeared….

Ok… Maybe I’m getting a little carried away here….    But seriously…   I am blown away by how well Slipstream worked on all the guns I’ve tried it on so far…   I figure the real test will be to do the 10/22 and then put 4 or 5 hundred rounds through it…  I figure if anything will challenge it, dirty .22 ammo blowing back into the receiver will be it…

Overall though, I am very impressed with how well this product works…


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