“Tactical Man-Bag”

Okay, so here’s one I never thought I’d be writing. It’s not a purse…it’s not a tactical pack…it’s both…RIGHT? Technically I suppose you’re right but it’s all in what’s in themax1 bag. But think of all the mag pouches that can be added to the MOLLE webbing. Think of the new holster you will need for the velcro strip inside the gun pouch. Don’t forget the pocket on top for your shooting glasses. Oh, and camo…yes, we can even have it in camo for the uber-tactical mall ninja hiding in all of us (sarcasm inserted).

It’s kind of like a situation I had in my youth. I went into a porcelain figurine thshop (I know…I know) to get my mother a Christmas present. As I walk in I notice the girl at the checkout counter. Well it IS the checkout counter and she was well worth checking out. Anyway I find a present for my mother and head up to pay for it. The cutie behind the counter finishes her job and I ask her for her number. Her reply, “it’s in the bag”.

Moral to that story is simple. It’s the contents of the bag that counts.

Mine is still an ongoing project. I get out of my wife making fun of me by calling it my “Gym Bag”. Since the only time I get to go to the gym is after the kids are in bed I am always coming out of there after midnight. That means my 1911 is in it’s dgeongproper place in the bag. It’s not a bad part of town, but it’s not great either. So, it’s my gym concealed carry method. I also carry a very sharp knife and flashlight in it. That’s as far as I’ve gotten and why it’s an ongoing project.

However, I have more stories from a friend…sitting across from me editing this weekend’s podcast. His “Tactical Man-Bag” has a first aid kit that he has actually had to use. It was one of those car wreck that happens right in front of you situations. He saved a girl’s life using his Israeli Tourniquet. She had arterial spray coming from her compound fractured leg.

That takes the “Man-Bag” to a whole new level. It’s a trauma kit, it’s a holster, it’s your friend. If nothing else it’s a great thing to keep in your vehicle. You have aleapers_utg_multi_function_tactical_messenger_bag_woodland_digi_camo “Get Me Home From Work” kit to make sure you get to your Bug Out Bag. You can turn this into whatever you need it to be and still have your carry gun and extra mags. Before you dismiss this piece of kit as too girly for you take into account what you would put “in the bag”. So, man up to the Man-Bag, it just may be something that could save your life or that of someone you love.

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