Sheepdog…or something better

I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this before. But leave it to the Ogre to come up with something of greatness.

Now that you’ve had a chance to read his post I have some to add to it.

I was always a little skeptical of the term “Sheepdog” to describe the average American guardian. Now I’m not talking about the police or military. The term actually fits IrishWolfhound01them fairly well. They have the outward job of both protecting and leadership that defines the Sheepdog. But Lieutenant Colonel Grossman is the man that came up with the term and we don’t mess with Grossman because of the wealth of knowledge he is to the community. That’s all great and good but it’s not who I am. I spent my short but meaningful time in the military but that was over many years ago. I’m not a police officer either. So it’s a stretch of the term that we have all allowed ourselves. We’ve all tried to fit ourselves into the mold.

If you take a look at the image of the Wolfhound I think it fits us much better. Here’s some of my thinking why…when the wolves come knocking on my door IUgoodasbigor to menace my family they will no longer know the meaning of the word “wolf”. When the Wolf knocks…and the Wolfhound knocks back, the wolf usually pisses himself and runs. We train to be the guardians of our selves, our families, our communities, and our nation. Sure, police and military are still there and they are not to be trifled with. However, when the American Wolfhound’s wrath becomes necessary, God have mercy on their souls because we won’t. That’s the difference. The Sheepdog is a working dog. A protector. The Wolfhound was bred to be that guardian that used to hunt the wolf…not to care for the sheep.1-dsc_0759

This is what I believe we train for. It’s not to herd the flock. We train for that small eventuality when the Wolf comes knocking and we the Wolfhound is prepared to knock back in defense of our families. Whether we fight alone or the time comes that we are unified against the common enemy, the outcome is the same. So use the term with pride. I AM AN AMERICAN WOLFHOUND.

bumpersticker_american copy-500x500

4 thoughts on “Sheepdog…or something better

  1. As a concealed carrier with no military or LEO experience, I don’t consider myself outside the flock. Just an armed sheep.

    1. That’s fine. We all think differently. I see it a little different. I can’t consider myself a sheep because I think much differently than the sheep. My values are different than that if the general sheep populus. Therefore I am not a sheep, armed or not.

  2. I really enjoyed George’s post on this and I thank you for adding to it. I never really related to the mental image of “Sheepdog”. (All due respect to Colonel Grossman). Wolfhound seems to fit better when I think of a threat to family or friends.
    George was my instructor at MAG-40. He said something about an aggressive shooting stance that I will never forget: “We call that fangs out”. I think about that every time I train to reset an attacker’s OODA loop.

    Wolfhound…fangs out…yeah… Spot on.

    Keep up the great work Joe!

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