3 Gun Gear

I seem to have a hole in my gear. I know….it’s a personal problem and may require medical attention.

We got this one in Coyote Tan.
We got this one in Coyote Tan.

That’s the problem with being a mad genius. I start into something and I mentally see how it should work. The problem is that in reality it doesn’t always work out. For instance, the Crusader training cadre got a piece of gear that should have worked great if everything fell into place. Well, we found out the hard way that it has some issues that we would have skipped on this piece of gear had we known about them.

The problem is that it has a great waist strap but nothing on the upper side of the chest piece to keep it tight to your body. So the thing puckers in front. Now it does have a zipper pocket for an armor chest plate. Haven’t tried it out…just haven’t seen the need. I have, however, adjusted the straps so the armor plate would be in the proper position to protect your heart and Aortic Cluster. Lets just say that by the time you get this thing high enough that you will end up smacking yourself in the face with a magazine trying to get it out of the pouch. Needless to say it only lasted part of the first day of training before it was ditched.

The heart is just part of the target.
The heart is just part of the target.

I was hoping it would do well for both teaching and 3 gun competition. So far, I’m a bit disappointed…if you couldn’t tell.

So, I was off to find something else that worked for me. This time I decided having it be a multi-tasker. If I want something for 3 gun…it can’t be battle equipment. 3 gun is, after all, a game so game equipment is needed. The trouble with being the Gundoc is what? Seeing too many possibilities and how they should work. Well, the item I’m envisioning could very well be a set of game gear that would work well in an emergency. The problem with both 3 gun and local emergencies is having easy access to enough ammo to get you out of harm’s way or to the end of the stage.

Holster…easy. You want Concealment Solutions or G-Code. Hands down.

No one really addresses the issue of ammo though. I would kill to have my thoughts put into Kydex. Too bad Jason, over at Concealment Solutions, wasn’t so busy doing concealment items. I have a killer plan that would launch him into the competition market. So if you’re reading this, are a Kydex gear company, and want to open up to an additional end of the market….send me an email. joe@crusaderweaponry.com


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