Readiness Levels

The thought came to me that we do a lot of talk about being prepared as a whole. We go over water storage, food storage, defence, and so on but we never break it down into stages.

Daily Awareness

We have to start somewhere, right? I believe emergency preparedness starts with situational awareness. Yes I know it’s starting from the ridiculous end of the beginning but it’s necessary. If we don’t see something coming from right in front of you then you aren’t going to know when it’s time to bug out or in because you’ll be blindsided by the situation.

So to get started toward every day prearedness you need to start with your daily routine. Be aware of your surroundings and for the love of everything holy make sure you have your CCW and that you carry. Being preared for the small things on a daily basis is your starting place.

You may choose to carry in a holster, purse, or “tactical man bag” but…CCW up, cowboy.

Heightened Daily Awareness

I see this level as a “know what’s going on” stage. Close to Crusader HQ is a creek. Around sping the snow melt can get pretty nuts. It takes till about dinner time for the melted snow to reach the valley. When it does the water level can raise 6 to 8 feet in a short matter of time. The apartments at it’s banks are usually a loss. The point of this is to illustrate that you can go to work one morning and not be able to get to your driveway that night. If you know it’s that time of year you may want to be better prepared when leaving for work every morning.

You may want to keep a bag in your vehicle that would allow you to have a change of clothing, basic med kit, CCW (naturally) and anything else you may need if something happens and you can’t get home that night.

Possible Threat Awareness

This is the stage where your 3 day pack is in your vehicle. You may only have your concealed weapon at this point, that’s your choice. This is a stage that common men will never see. This is where you know that there is something out there that can go terribly wrong and you have to be ready for it. This could be something like protests shutting down parts of the city. Your part of the city. Take the riots after the Zimmerman trial. That is a time to be prepared to not just defend your family but perhaps having troubles just getting to them.

Rally the Troops

This is the day you got the word that Hurricane Katrina was coming. You have a day or so to get the hell out. Be ready for anything but the important part is that you do in fact, get the hell out.

The Shat Has Officially Hit the Fan

Ok, it’s too late to bug out. For whatever reason you stayed. Maybe that was you plan. A “bug in” type of thing. It’s past time to care about the reason. If you have fellow minded friends/family it’s time to stick together, keep eachother safe, and if possible to help law enforcement make sure the community comes back into order. A fight should be expected at this point. Looters, robbers, and general douchebags should be considered the norm. You know this part. This is the part that is talked about the most. The one everyone prepares for.

As usual, another food for thought post. Stay safe, brothers and sisters.

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