Syria…Are you kidding me?

Look, I have a problem with getting involved in the Syrian mess and the reasons are simple.

We have been at war for over a decade. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the last to get war weary. I just know that our troops are tired. They’ve been doing this for a long time and have very little to show for it. I have a friend, that I went to boot camp with, that is leaving for his 4th deployment later this year. Our troops can take it…don’t you worry about that. They are the best the world has ever seen. That being said they are being warn thin, stretched out across the globe too far as it is and now they want to get involved with someone else’s civil war. Obama must be back on the cronic or something. There’s no other explanation to sum up any of this being a good idea.

I’m not one to get into conspiracy theories but this whole thing makes me wonder. We are still fighting traces of the Muslim Brotherhood all across the Middle East and finding them in our own country. Now we’re going to Syria to JOIN THEM? Mr. President, have you lost your freaking mind? This makes me think that our illustrious president wants out troops spread too thin. Not to mention that our involvement could spark WWIII.

I can’t wait to get this administration out of office. It has been one cluster F@#k after the next. Do they really think this is going to distract us from everything else? (SQUIRREL) Do they think we’ve forgotten about Fast and Furious, or Benghazi, or the NSA spy program, or the militarization of DHS (I still want all our ammo back) and let’s not mention the sorry ass state of the economy? The only truths they’ve told is where their boss is going on vacation….don’t get me started….on…the vacations.

Is any of this supposed to make us feel more safe, Mr President? I don’t think it’s really crossed your mind. I don’t think you care one way or another. You’re too busy working on your golf swing. You have done absolutely nothing right in your entire presidency. Why not just retire? Save the American people another couple years of putting up with you and just retire. Step down. Step aside. Quit.

Carry on.

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