Never Thought I’d Say It

So I’ve been trying out a new piece of carry equipment. I’ve been introduced to Magholder products before but haven’t given them a second thought. I’m even friends with a couple of their few dealers here in Utah but quietly scoffed at the very idea of carrying only a single extra mag or buying multiple, possibly uncomfortable, devises. I guess I’m just the type that being prepared isn’t quite good enough. I like having that second magazine as a means of overkill because you just never know what you’ll run into. So, to that end I turned my nose up at Magholder even after listening to Massad Ayoob tell a class that he only carries a single extra mag. It wasn’t until a friend of mine gave one to me (and even then I thought it was ridiculous) that I decided to give it a try. One day that I didn’t have my family with me I made the jump of carrying a single magazine. After all, I don’t have to worry about keeping my wife and kids out of harms way if anything hits the proverbial fan.  What I found was nothing short of amazing.

The Magholder is extremely comfortable. Even for those of us with a little extra around the middle. The magazine stays secure with built in retention. The molded construction is sturdy and will last unless you decide to stomp on it or run it over with a truck. I actually began to regret my earlier feelings toward this piece of equipment. I do have one thing I would fix on this piece of equipment. It is set up to have the rounds face downward. Having a good bit of training I would orientate the rounds upward to make loading the mag in the pistol more like the way we train to do with vertical magazine pouches. That being my one and only complaint…you need a Magholder. If this isn’t part of your daily carry options you need to buy one. This one is Gundoc approved. It’s that simple.


2 thoughts on “Never Thought I’d Say It

  1. Magholder makes both right- and left-handed versions. If you prefer “bullets up” just get the version for the other hand, and mount it upside down on your belt. Works great!

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