New Camo

Ok so I know I’ve sang the praises of Multicam before and I really don’t want to get into that right now. They have an announcement on their website right now that is pretty exciting. They have some new patterns coming out that I can’t wait to see.

I’m in an arid area. The original works in a variety of areas including mine but I really want to see what they came up with. My main interest is, for a while now I’ve been adapting desert colors to the Multicam pattern (blended background, hard close shapes, some hard shapes fade at an opposite edge) and would like to see if they essentially did what I did.

Tropic…that might just be cool. Can’t wait to see if they changed their shapes or not.

Alpine…depending on the colors it may work well in certain areas I like to go in Colorado. Looking forward to the coloring of this one.

Last….but certainly not least is Multicam Black……

If the picture from their announcement is any sign of the final pattern….I NEED SOME. Just say’n.

Anyway, when all is said and done I am really glad to see some initiative in the industry. Just when we think we’ve probably seen it all except for something out of Scifi…an innovator steps up and gives us something to look forward to. Kudos.


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