Change is Coming

There are big changes coming to Crusader. I’m turning the entire company upside down and getting rid of the fluff.

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. There just needs to be some changes so we can hold on to Crusader during the remainder of the Obama Economy.

After a lot of thought I realized that the business model I’ve been trying to keep alive just isn’t stable as a “one man show”. I actually tried to start the business with a couple of other guys. One, the Ogre, stuck around a while and helped get Crusader off the deck but as for day to day operations it’s been that “one man show” since 2009. Running things like I have, and under the Obama administration’s economic policies, it is no longer sustainable under the current business plan. So what do we do? ADAPT AND OVERCOME!

Until further notice Crusader is getting scaled back to the part time (hobby) model. What that’s going to mean is that I will build a rifle and I will do it my way. It will be perfect and I will have no one trying to rush me on it. For those that know me well that means that this rifle will be an one of a kind rifle that everyone will be envious of, including it’s new owner’s friends. I will make it a rifle that makes me shed a tear to get rid of, and then let someone take it home. They will soon see, like everyone else, that they have the finest sporting rifle ever made. The sale of that rifle will fuel the next rifle which will come to be the next two rifles, three rifles, and so on. I may be persuaded to do specific custom builds but as a general rule it’s no longer my bread and butter. I believe this will actually get my customers even better rifles than have come out of my shop so far.

Just picture this, Gundoc is now unleashed. All the fitting and polishing is no longer rushed because parts have been scarce this year. I can take my time to get everything perfect. I can take a week on a single camo to make sure that I love each and every one. (believe it or not many customers have loved camo jobs that I didn’t care for. I’m just too much of a perfectionist for my own good sometimes. There are just times that I don’t care for a great camo job because it isn’t a perfect camo job…yet.) Ask yourself this, do you want just any rifle or do you want one of real gems to come out of Gundoc’s shop? I think the answer is obvious.

Does this mean I’m expecting to not be doing this by the end of the coming year? No. Crusader will always be here. Rifles, shotguns, pistols, and Slipstream will be here for you. Full time Crusader will make a comeback. We will probably have to get the current occupant of the Oval Office into a different job but Crusader will be stronger for this temporary change. Now I will have time to finish my book, write more posts here in Gundoc’s Doctrine, and maybe even get in some range time that isn’t test firing and running back to the shop. I say temporary…and I mean it.

Carry On.

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