Too Much Liberty???

Is it just me or do more of you read the constitution and bill of rights and wonder where our country went wrong? There is so much to go through I just don’t think I can cover all of it.

One thing I would like to cover (and no it’s not because I got a ticket today and I’m bitter about getting caught breaking the law) is police writing tickets. This is something that has been on my mind for months now. I know we’re decades into legal precedence here but I still have to ask the question, when did we allow street cops to act as street judges? They catch you speeding, or changing lanes improperly, or any other minor traffic infraction and they have the legal right to convict you on the spot and issue you a monetary judgement.

Look I know we have more issues than our forefathers. Bigger population equals more crime. We need more police and they need to have the power to deal with somethings on their own. We simply couldn’t hire enough judges to handle all the petty crime that our street hero’s deal with on a daily basis. I get it. It just seems to me that we have given up some of our liberty in order to have this happen. I know I have readers that are lawyers and I welcome any response you may have. This is something I would like to better understand myself.

Look, I know most of our police are 100% hero’s and I have no desire to disrespect them. I have, however, ran into a few that basically hid behind their badges. I can think of one instance where my wife pulled up to a confusing intersection. It had signs all over and each said something different. She’s yelling at me in the car beside her trying to figure out where to go. She stops a little late, but she stops. The cop on the corner (obviously this is a common occurrence on this corner since they had two cops just standing there waiting to tell you to pull over) flags her over and proceeds to badger her, call her a lier, and basically treating her in a manner that any red blooded American husband would beat the shit out of someone for. What was the difference? He knew I couldn’t do much without being arrested for pissing off and officer. The guy needed his head shoved up his ass so far he looked normal but that badge makes it an immensely illegal thing to do. He was an asshole but we give him a badge and tell him to go fourth and be a dick. Maybe he was just having a bad day. We all have them. Maybe he didn’t like being ordered to a corner that was poorly marked and took two cops sitting there pulling over one vehicle after the other because they don’t know where to go. He still had the power to pull over people all day, act as judge and issue a fine determined on his opinion alone, and treat people like crap in the process. No one could say anything to him about it or they would have to face his further judgement.

What the hell is the matter with us? Why are we completely happy to have a few elites pass laws governing our every move, how we react to each other, what we can and can’t say to one another. This is America. I, for one, think it’s time we stop giving up small amount of freedom at a time for the illusion of an ounce of security. It’s a lie. It’s just more intrusion into our lives. Sure, not driving drunk is a good thing. Let’s do something about that. But every little thing I do while driving, walking on the sidewalk, or whatever? No. Stay out of my business. One of the local cities here put this “distracted driving” bill out there. They can literally pull you over for eating a french fry if they think you are driving while distracted. How about you go screw yourself? That’s the thing about being personally responsible for what we do. If my actions eating that fry when I should be paying closer attention to merging onto the freeway then I am responsible for the outcome. The last thing our government needs to do is find ways to add more fines onto a fender bender.

Ok, rant over. You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives.

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