Gun Control Enforcement View

I watched a brilliant video today. I’ll skip telling you about it and just let you watch it:

This is something no one really thinks about. Especially those making up new laws. Let’s face it, no one in DC is thinking about those that will have to enforce gun control.

Look, most of us say it and many hold the mantra near and dear, “from my cold dead hands”. Law makers think they can do whatever they want and the American people will just sit back and take it. That just isn’t true. If they send local police to start confiscating guns then they may as well declair martial law…because they’ll need it. You can only push the American people so far before we fight back. What about the SWAT teams that have to stack up on a door knowing that a 12ga full of 3″ buckshot is probably waiting for them on the other side? That’s 21 pellets of high speed death waiting to shred anything in it’s path and you want to send in Law Enforcement to face what Law Maker’s won’t?

Here is my call to everyone in government:

If you make any law taking the 2nd Amendment freedoms from another peaceful citizen then plan on enforcing it yourselves. In fact, I say that it must be written into any gun control law that they have stack up on each and every door. Yep, I want to see Nancy Pelocy and Harry Reed ready to kick in a door armed with nothing but their beliefs and come disarm the American people themselves. Let’s see just how eager they are to pass such a law. You make it manditory that they have to enforce any such law and they’ll back off. At the end of the day they are all cowards willing to send others to do what they wouldn’t.

In closing….DC…man up or shut up.

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