More Shots Fired

Today we had another tragedy in a Colorado school. The info we’re getting is that it was a student with a shotgun looking for a teacher. Now before you start to think that I’m about to use this event to rally around the Second Ammendment you’re wrong.

I want to discuss why I think we continue to see students that think they have no option other than murder. I think we have a cultural issue, not a too many guns issue. There’s no need to blame tge tool used until we look at the reasons we continue to see these murders.

We have, in our country, the mindset that we are intitled to what we want. Note that I said nothing about earning those items and it starts with our youth. We live in a time when even our poor have flat screens and cell phones. Our people have no idea what it is to “want” anymore.

Our youth are so spoiled that they have no need to achieve anything. We have an army if councilors telling us how important our children’s self esteem is. They want us to do all but wipe asses for them to keep said self esteem. It’s pathetic.

You want to restore hope and esteem in a kid, help him accomplish something. I don’t know the background on the kids shooting up their schools but something tells me that their biggest achievement is a metal on the latest Metal of Honor game. Get these kids out. Get them involved in something. Let them make the accomplishments that will boost their self worth and give them a reason to live productive lives.

One thought on “More Shots Fired

  1. This is not timely, but hey, I think it’s the right answer.
    We have students who are picking up guns because it’s the result of fifty years’ of leftists preaching to everyone that they’re either the oppressed or the oppressor; that just by virtue of breathing they’re a blight on the earth; that there is no God and it’s OK to kill babies because, hey, it’s just a collection of cells. You tell kids long enough that their existence is wrong and they’re a burden on everyone around them, what do you get? Suicidal and homicidal kids.

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