New ammo

I have some reservations about this ammo. It’s concept is pretty cool and immediately makes you want some. Come on, pistol ammo designed to fragment and leave a still moving slug. Who isn’t signing up for that?

Then you look a little closer at their videos. You notice that they aren’t working with the FBI standard 12″ ballistic gell blocks. They’re using 16″ and the slug goes through that with ease. That’s an injured or killed bystander.

One of the videos shows a glancing blow on the top of the gell. Some of the fragmenting segments blows through the gell and what looks like off camera. That’s more possible injuries to innocent bystanders. I can already see prosecutors using the company’s own videos against defensive shooters in court.

This stuff would be my anti – zombie ammo of choice but I don’t see that happening.

Is this ammo devastating? Absolutely. Having each bullet CNC machined from solid copper….just sounds expensive. Precise, but expensive. Is this even going to be ammo that you can afford to fill your mags with?

Seeing the over penitration, do you really want NYPD to get their hands on this stuff?

5 thoughts on “New ammo

    1. Absolutely correct. If they had called it something else and got it to expend all it’s energy in 10″ they would really have something. Do away with the over penitration alone and you have a winner.

    2. My thoughts exactly. And the company is in Winder Georgia, having lived there 6 months I don’t think anything good can come from that place.

  1. I have to agree. It would be my zombie ammo of choice, but I think using it as daily carry defense ammo is just asking to get yourself sued to death.
    Plus, the over penetration of the center segment is really disturbing.
    Also, now try and imagine taking a shot at someone doing the whole “hostage hold”. Even if you get a solid hit, who’s to say some of those expanding fragments don’t take out the victim as well.
    Seems to be making more problems than it seeks to solve.

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