MHI Fan Fiction part 2

“You up for another one, brother?”

“Yeah, what is it this time?”

“We could use the .308’s we talked about. We took down one of the pack with the pistol rounds you made for us. Let’s just say that I’d rather keep my distance this time.”

“I have a couple of ideas for that but I don’t have the equipment for it.”

“What kind of equipment?”

“A lathe. We don’t want to cast these.”

“Pick one and I’ll have it delivered.”

“What? Wait I don’t even have space for one.”

“We have a compound in the hills outside of San Marcos. We have the room.”

We arrived at the compound after tacos on the go as we drove. It looked like it was used as a staging base. One building looked like a barracks but it seemed to be empty. There was hanger with a sand and O.D. camoed Huey parked outside. Then what seemed like a concrete bunker. It seemed huge for their needs.

The inside floored me. It was essentially an armory capable of withstanding heavy bombardment for the next century. Racks of weapons in every configuration and caliber imaginable, and I have a pretty big imagination. There was an entire wall of just .50 cals.

The real treat was was the workshop. They had everything you could possibly need to manufacture anything you needed.

“Holy shit!”

“That about sums it up.”

“What are you trying to tell me without saying it?”

“You said you needed a lathe. We have a little more than that. We have everything you need to prototype and then laser scan it to a CAD file for the CNC. This can be your new shop. Just say the word.”

“I’ll say any word you want!”

I got started right away. In fact I didn’t even bother clearing out my apartment. The team went back for my guns, clothes, and tools. Screw the rest.

I didn’t know how to run most of the big machines. They just weren’t covered in gunsmith school. Luckily they had someone who did. She was a little nerdy chick named Vicky. A real Velma type right down to the flirty mini skirt, red hair, and the jugs. So all I really had to do was work my mojo and hand it to Vicky. As long as we have the raw materials she can keep hitting the start button.

“Hey, Vic, do we have any brass bar stock?” I figured I might as well prototype in a softer metal because it machines faster.

“No but we have copper.”

“That will have to do.”

I set up the bar in a four jaw chuck, situated the indicator, and centered the bar perfectly. I turned down the end of the bar to a precise .3080″ and started making it look like a boattail bullet. I didn’t bother with the point of the bullet. Instead I drilled out the center of it and used a tap to cut threads in it.

“Vicky I need you to make a bazillion of these in copper.”

“You’re the boss” ,she said as she walked away.

“Damn! I could watch that skirt walk away all day” ,I whispered to myself. Her long waves of red hair swished back and forth as she walked. It was hypnotic. She was truly smoking hot but I could tell she never even considered it.

I went back to work making the cone of the bullet. Since silver is heavier than copper I made it thread all the way to the back of the boattail. That should balance the round better and prevent tumbling. Being satisfied with that cut the back end down and threaded it. It was some of my best work.

After some of both pieces came out of the CNC machine I threaded a bullet together and left the shop to find Tony.

Tony called over to me from a small pistol range on the north end if the armory, “Running away already?”

I don’t remember saying anything but, after a short jog over to him, I tossed the fresh off the presses projectile to him. He examined it from every angle and even unscrewed the two halves before grinning up at me.

“This is why Harbinger brought you in. Freak’n amazing, bro!”

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